David Dumont
Percussion Caption Supervisor and Arranger, Cadets2

The 2016 season will be David’s fifth consecutive year as Percussion Caption Supervisor and second as Battery Arranger for Cadets2.

David began his drum corps career in 2002 playing snare drum with the Connecticut Hurricanes. He went on to march with the Hawthorne Caballeros, Syracuse Brigadiers, Crossmen and in 2007, he aged out with The Cadets. David has studied under Tom Aungst, Colin McNutt, Daren Hazlett, Chris Vale, and many others.

David’s drum corps teaching career began in 2008 with the Hawthorne Caballeros as a percussion technician. He was then promoted to Battery Coordinator and Arranger in 2009, and held that position until 2010. In 2011, David was Co-Caption head and Arranger for the Connecticut Hurricanes.

David is currently Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger at Norwalk High School in Norwalk, Conn. He helped lead them to back to back WGI PSO medals in 2014 and 2015. In addition to Norwalk, he has held several Connecticut high school marching band instructing and arranging positions—including Trumbull High School—who earned back to back WGI PSO medals in 2008 and 2009.

For the last 11 years, David has been employed at Ventus Networks in Norwalk, Conn. He holds the position of Production and Materials Manager. Currently, David is residing in Montgomery, N.Y. with his longtime girlfriend Kimberly; the welcomed their first child in February of 2016.