Casey McCoy
Color Guard Instructor, Cadets2

Casey has performed with various drum corps and winterguards throughout his performance career including the Syracuse Brigadiers (2004-2005), Empire Statesmen (2007-2009), Hawthorne Caballeros (2011-2013), Brigadiers Winterguard (2006), Spectrum Winterguard (2007-2010) and Alter Ego World Guard (2012-2015). In 2015 he was fortunate enough to perform in the Contemporary Color project featured in Toronto and Brooklyn.

Casey's teaching and consulting experience includes various high school and independent groups throughout the country, more recently with McNeil High School (2014-present, West Milford High School (2013-present), West Orange High School (2017-present) and Delazure Winterguard (2016-present); he previously taught with Fusion Drum Corps in 2014.

This summer will be Casey's third summer working with the Cadets2 color guard.

Casey currently resides in Lyndhurst, NJ and is a Sales & Customer Service Manager for a home furnishings design company.