Casey Hallahan
Visual Instructor, The Cadets

Originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Casey devoted his entire marching career to the Colts Youth Organization (2004-13). Throughout this time he was able to volunteer as a weekly instructor for the Colt Cadets and develop a passion for teaching. During his final season, he was given the opportunity to work with, and study under Marc Sylvester, Craig Sellers and Chris Johnston.

Immediately after aging out in 2013, Casey was hired on as the trumpet technician at the Spirit of Atlanta. Under co-caption heads Michael Terry and Errick Prince, Casey was able to gain valuable experience in front of a world-class ensemble.

In 2015 Casey moved to Woodstock, Georgia. In the past three years he has worked with over a dozen high schools in and around the Metro Atlanta area. This season will mark Casey’s third year with The Cadets, as well as his fifteenth consecutive season involved with DCI.