Reed Kimmel
Audio Engineer, The Cadets

A former front ensemble percussionist himself, Reed Kimmel joined Youth Education in the Arts as an Audio Engineer for Cadets Winter Percussion for the 2015 winter season. He then joined the Cadets2 staff to serve in the same capacity for the summer of 2015. As the seasons changed again, Reed returned to the Cadets Winter Percussion for a second year in 2016. The summer of 2016 he joined The Cadets and returns this summer for his 2nd tour. 

"Last summer was the best experience of my life! Not everyone gets to experience being in front of a drum corps for 90 days. I was humbled when asked to return for another summer."

Reed's other experience in the audio field includes a year-long production internship at his local church and a six-month internship at Fulltilt Productions Recording Studio where he still works as the audio engineer in the studio. He also consults with high schools to enhance their audio. Reed is certified in Avid Studio Production Equipment.