When I was asked to assume the leadership of The Cadets, so many memories of the corps came to mind. The first time I saw the Garfield Cadets, witnessing the joy and excitement of the members when they threw down an exceptional performance, and the audience screaming for more!! The exceptional young adults that I had the honor of teaching in The Cadets, many who have become extremely successful in the business world, and many who are the best of the best in pageantry. Their roots firmly planted at The Cadets, that drive to be the best in all you set out to do, and that deep passion to give all you’ve got to something you believe in.  

I returned to The Cadets last November knowing the corps was experiencing some serious challenges. I bring to this organization decades of business, drum corps, winter guard, and judging experience. I’m very well positioned in both knowledge and expertise, to guide the organization into the future. One thing for sure, The Cadets are a resilient corps and like any organization that has lasted for 85 years, there are stories of triumphs and challenges and both laughter and tears. 

Recently, the corps celebrated their history and heritage by hosting an 85th Anniversary and Homecoming Weekend attended by hundreds of alumni and their family and friends.  It was an amazing celebration of The Cadets legacy!  We had in attendance several original members of the corps from 1934 as well as alumni spanning every generation since.  There were many tears of joy and laughter throughout the weekend – it was an emotional testimony to the oldest competitive drum corps in our nation’s history.

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As the alumni reconnected, it was obvious that The Cadets are more than just a drum corps – The Cadets are the foundational experience for thousands.  We talked with couples who met in the corps 30, 40 or more years ago – their love lasting a lifetime.  We talked with professionals who owed their career success to the foundation of excellence they learned in the corps.  We met families and friends who share a bond based on their corps experience that transcends time and distance.  And we experienced energy and optimism that epitomizes FOR HOLY NAME SHALL ALWAYS BE!

As we kick off this year’s Holiday Campaign, we share these reflections to inspire your generosity to help continue the legacy for the next 85 years.  The organization needs your help to work through some difficult financial times.  We look to generate $100K by the end of the year!  Can we count on your support?

We need to pull together to take advantage of this unique opportunity and help make this Holiday Campaign the best ever and set the stage for continuing the legacy of The Cadets.

As a special remembrance of the 85th Anniversary season, every donation of $125 or more will receive the special 2019 edition holiday ornament, the seventh in a series of collectible Cadets ornaments from the drum corps. 

Additionally, donations of $250 and more will once again be able to choose from unique gifts and memorabilia constructed from the 2019 production of “Behold” crafted by our brilliant seamstress Linda Vitale.

We are counting on your generous donation to help the 2020 corps enter the field as one for the ages. We have brought together an amazing staff, have incredible talent in the ranks of the members and a collective ambition to make the 86th version of The Cadets the talk of the drum corps world. Your contribution will play a significant role in helping to build the future of The Cadets.  

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons!

Warmest Regards,



Denise Bonfiglio

Director | The Cadets


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  • Gold Level
  • $150-$249
  • 2019 Cadets Holiday Ornament


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