You participated in the SINGLE BIGGEST FUNDRAISING DAY EVER in the 85 year history of the corps.

We asked for your support on this first ever Maroon & Gold Day and you more than answered the call. 450 strong and still counting.

Your support unlocked performances and news about the 2019 Cadets. But you also helped us unlock the $10,000 Challenge from five anonymous donors. THANK YOU 450 TIMES OVER!

We're half way to our overall goal for the Maroon & Gold Club, but with this amazing outpouring of love and support on Day 1, we know this is going to be a remarkable year in every way possible.


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For our new members of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club watch for exclusive, behind the scenes "Meet the Design Team" video series coming soon and additional ways for you to play an important role in the coming summer season for The Cadets.


For those of you who have yet to join the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club, please join us on our 85th Anniversary journey and BEHOLD The Cadets of 2019. You can still donate here.

Thank you again to all of those who participated in Maroon & Gold Day 2019. With the support of the individuals listed below, we are on our way to an amazing season.

Keep spreading the word and we will keep you updated on our progress. Every gift, no matter the size, will make a big difference to The Cadets this summer.



UNLOCKED AT 50 DONORS  Celebrating 50 years of women in The Cadets

Dancer in the Dark



UNLOCKED AT 85 DONORS  Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of The Cadets



UNLOCKED AT 154 DONORS  Celebrating the number of 2019 Cadets


A Story of Power and Equality

The Cadets are proud to present their 2019 production Behold. The show illuminates the struggle to attain power, keep power, and ultimately, the power of equality. Libby Larson’s 'Fanfare for the Women' opens the show and celebrates the powerful, intelligent, and brave women of the past; personified by a single character, the Queen.

“Behold is, by definition, a command for respect and is often used to introduce something remarkable or impressive. The design team wanted to honor the remarkable story of resilience, strength, unity, and healing for The Cadets and for all women in our activity and our country, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of women in The Cadets in 2019,” said Darcie Aungst, Program Coordinator. “I was intrigued by women in history who lead entire nations as far back as Ancient Egypt and Rome; often pondering the question, what happened? Why in 2019 is it a struggle? This show explores that history and those questions. Behold tells a tale of female strength and leadership, the ugliness of jealousy, discrimination, and power when it is held over others. The show points triumphantly to images and sounds of true equality and opportunity for everyone regardless of gender, race, orientation, identity, or ethnicity. Shattering the glass ceiling opens opportunities for everyone who has been told they are ‘less than’ and leaves our world a better place for future generations. Behold the power of unity, of equality, and of The Cadets!”

'Just' by David Lang and 'Blueprint' by Caroline Shaw soon follow as we see and hear cracks in the palace which signal the end of the Queen’s reign. The breakdown is followed by the chaos that occurs within a complete vacuum of power. 'Dance 1' of the Estancia Orchestral Suite by Alberto Ginastera then sets the scene as the corps breaks into tribes with the intent of taking power from others. Divided by their differences, everything is destroyed.

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Paul Simon washes over the corps as the Queen comes into focus, witnessing the destruction of what she had created by those filled with jealousy. She accepts the destruction wrought by those who stole from her and begins to heal her people, bringing them together, and undertakes the rebuilding so that they can move forward. She both heals and passes the torch so that future generations can have a better life.

Following the healing of the past, the future generation gets the opportunity to do and be anything they want. 'Do Better' is an original piece by Tom Aungst, Omar Carmenates, and Brandon Carrita that is meant to be a playful, modern, young, and fresh take on the concept that anything you can do, I can do better. If the past generation does something; we want the future generation to do even better. The finale from David Maslanka’s 4th Symphony provides an emotional, glorious, and majestic closer where the diverse women and men of the corps stream forward to shatter the glass ceiling. This act empowers people who were never before given a chance to step up and lead. With this diversity of gender, identity, race, ethnicity, orientation, and age comes new ideas, innovations, celebrations, and respect.

Behold The Cadets of 2019.


UNLOCKED AT 250 DONORS  Representing one quarter of our total goal of 1,000 donors

From the 2019 Production, Behold



Thank you to our campaign donors!

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Claire Albrecht
Josh Allen
Chuck Allerson
Joseph Andl
Amy Andrews
 Anonymous Donors (22)
Anthony Antonelli
Emmanuel Aquilina
Zacharay Ashcraft
Donald Aucker
Thomas Aungst
Darcie Aungst
John Avella
Meredith Bac
James Balint
Ronald Barber
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Kash Barker
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Bert Barnes
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Mark Brodell
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John & Kelly Broschak
Kelly Broschak
Jerede Brown
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Ray Brunner
Kelsey Brunson
Carissa Bryant
Linda Burke
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Lynn Bustamante
Chris Butler
Yvette Byrne-menard
Bill Calvitti
Edie Calvitti
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Capone
Alexander Cardona
Russell Carl
Jeannine Carlisle
Brandon Carrita
Eleanor "Sam" Carter
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Mason Case
Christopher Castille
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stephen cecere
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