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2018 Cadets Holiday Fundraiser


As the 2018 year comes to a close, we are reminded of the perseverance and determination that makes The Cadets so unique.

Our history is filled with examples of when the corps overcame obstacles or challenges only to succeed and flourish. This year was no different as the members, staff and volunteers battled adversity and were the model of grace under pressure.

We still have a long way to go until we're out of the woods. But we will get there, just as the generations before us have showed the way.

We need your support NOW to help us close out the 2018 season, but more importantly, solidify the future for 2019 and beyond.

Please give generously to the 2018 Cadets Holiday Campaign and know you are playing a vital role in the future of The Cadets.

As our thank you for your gift of $120 or more during this Holiday Campaign, The Cadets are proud to announce the seventh of the limited edition ornament entitled "Unity."

Make your donation of $120 or more before December 5 to have the "Unity" ornament in your home before the holidays!



As a token of our appreciation, we are pleased to offer the following premiums. For generous donors of $250 or more, we will contact you at a later time for you to select your premium options. Note that the 2018 Cadets Collectable Holiday Ornament will ship after December 13.

The 2019 Cadets Calendar
You won't have to wait until summer to see The Cadets with this must-have calendar. 

The 2018 Cadets Collectable Holiday Ornament
This year's holiday ornament is beatifully designed and is a stunning addition to the collection.

Pillow/String Back Pack
A Cadets pillow or string backpack hand-made by The Cadets' very-own seamstress Linda Vitale.

Cadets Bag
Messenger bag or traditional back pack hand-made by The Cadets' very-own seamstress Linda Vitale.

Cadets Pillow & Bag/Backpack
A hand-made Cadets pillow and either a string backpack, messenger bag, or traditional backpack.

Limited Edition Cadets Hanging Quilt
The Cadets Hanging Quilt is a true collector's item incorporating elements of the uniform, costume and flags from the history of the corps. With your generous donation, you'll own one of these extremely limited edition quilts handcrafted by The Cadets very-own seamstress Linda Vitale.





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Matching Challenge

For a limited time only, your donation is matched dollar-for-dollar.

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