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Always Look Great


It's been a core value of The Cadets for as long as any of us know.

And without the devoted, talented and passionate team of seamstresses led by the one and only Linda Vitale, The Cadets would never look as great as they do every time they take the field.

This year’s Cadets Holiday Appeal is as much about the passion and love with which our tremendous sewing crew serves our members as it is about how great the corps looks on the field.

In order to do their job, it is time for the sewing team to have a dedicated vehicle all their own to travel, sleep and work. For any of you who have put time in as a volunteer, you know the hours are staggering and with the planned changes, emergency repairs and the normal maintenance of 150 uniforms and costumes, it's a workload that would make some Broadway shows envious.

We are proud to share that your 100% tax-deductible donation will go towards the purchase of the corps’ first Sewing Crew RV to make sure our team travels in the very best of conditions in order to treat them with the maroon and golden standard of excellence.

Make your donation today to ensure the ladies of the Cadets sewing crew will make this year's members and those who follow them look great with uniforms and costumes perfected down to the last seam, stitch and sequin.



As a token of our appreciation for helping The Cadets look great, we are pleased to offer the following premiums. For generous donors of $250 or more, we will contact you at a later time for you to select your premium options. Note that the 2017 Cadets Collectable Holiday Ornament will ship after December 31.

The 2018 Cadets Calendar
You won't have to wait until summer to see The Cadets with this must-have calendar. 

The 2017 Cadets Collectable Holiday Ornament
This year's holiday ornament is beatifully designed and is a stunning addition to the collection. View

Cadets Shako in Your Choice of Black or Maroon
A Cadets Shako in your choice of maroon or black is a great addition to your desk! View

Cadets Uniform or Costume of Your Choice
We will ship to you a Maroon, Black or MASS 3-part uniform, or a Color Guard Costume from 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017. View

Ceramic Cadets Bust with Personalized Plaque
This one of a kind Cadets Collectible was carefully crafted to look great anywhere. View

Personalized Plaque for RV
You can create a personalized plaque with your name on it that will be placed inside The Cadets Sewing RV.




We need your help to be able to provide the ladies that make our Cadets look great the tools they need. Can you give for this Holiday Appeal and move the needle?

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