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Rather than trying to have hosts from around the country come to us, we've decided to bring the Host Symposium directly to you! Starting February 7th, USBands is excited to start our USBands Hosting Webinar Series! Whether you're currently hosting or thinking about hosting an event, these sessions will help your organization march to the next level! 

"After hearing from the directors and hosts, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn and talk about how we can help people to really take their local showcases up a notch," said Interim Director Jon Swengler. Each session will focus on different topics, ranging from parking to programs.


Session 1: February 7
8pm EST
Subject: Hosting with USBands

Overview: This session is everything you need to know about hosting an event with USBands. We'll cover all of the logistics and timelines associated with hosting and what to expect for the upcoming year. This is a great opportunity to learn the ropes if you've never hosted a show, and a chance to recap the basics if you've been with us for a while.

Webinar Topics:

  • Review of 2016 and feedback
  • USBands 2017
    • What's new for 2017
  • Different types of events (What does it all mean?)
    • Fees and deadlines for 2017
    • Early bird specials
    • Extra band fees
    • Gold/Silver/Clinic/Cosponsor
  • What do we provide?
  • What do you provide?
  • What do we do day of?
  • What do you do day of?


Session 2: February 21
8pm EST
Subject: How to Plan and Execute a Successful Event

Overview: We'll dive into the playbook of planning for an event and the common pitfalls leading to the event. You'll get tips and insight on everything you need to know from timelines and rain plans to committees and handbooks. 

Webinar Topics:

  • What to think about and when
    • 1 year out
    • 6 months out
    • 3 months out
    • 1 month out 
    • 2 weeks out
  • Creating a solid backstage for your event
    • Warm-up maps and times
    • Event packets
    • Rain plans
    • Communication to bands
      • What comes from you vs. USBands
      • How do we work together?
  • Committees
    • Discussion of different types of committees
    • What are they responsible for?
    • How to properly record information


Session 3: February 28
8pm EST
Subject: How to Maximize Your Event Profit

Overview: Our final session will focus on additional ways to make money at your event. Learn the do's and don'ts when it comes to pricing and more!

Webinar Topics:

  • Using your event as a launch pad
  • Fundraising do's and don'ts 
  • Sponsorships and donations
    • Sponsor of awards and presenters
  • Program books
    • How to put one together
    • How to sell ads
    • Thinking of the bigger picture
  • Concessions
  • Candygrams/Airgrams/Gatorade Grams
  • 50/50
  • Merchandise
  • How to properly budget
  • Ways to save
  • How to motivate and involve students


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