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Process & Fees

Musicians and color guard performers attend audition camps for two reasons:


    You'll get the full experience and see what it's like to be a Cadet


    You'll gain valuable feedback that will push you to become the best performer.

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Our goal is for everyone to leave feeling great about the weekend and hopefully be inspired as a performer! Throughout the camp, each auditionee will have a one-on-one evaluation with their section's caption supervisor. 

They have important titles to reflect their talent, but what you can expect in the audition room is a kind face of a great teacher who wants you to do well. Even if you're nervous - and who isn't, it's an audition - their goal is to help you feel welcome so that you can do your best.

Based on your audition and our staff's observations throughout the entire weekend's rehearsals, the caption supervisors will personally speak with each auditionee at the end of the weekend, assigning them a rating of 1, 2 or 3, and giving them specific tips for improvement and a suggested course of action.

What The Ratings Mean

Hover over the ratings to learn what the ratings mean.

Rating 1

Rating 1

You're Ready

You're ready to become a Cadet. Start making plans for camps and summer tour!

Rating 2

Rating 2

We See Potential

We need you to work on a few specific skills and come to the next camp.

Rating 3

Rating 3

Not Quite Ready

We don't feel that you're ready to become a Cadet this year.
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All students will be given thorough feedback about their audition. Those who receive a rating of 2 or 3 could be invited to the next camp and are always welcome to audition the following year.

Member Fees

All students interested in auditioning for any position in The Cadets or Cadets2 must pay a one time registration fee as well as a camp fee for each camp they attend. 

If a camp does not include your section, you are not responsible for that camp fee. Check the camp schedule for more information.

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Finances should not be a reason to keep you from coming to the audition camp. Where there is a will, there is a way!
If you have questions about member fees, visit the FAQ page or contact



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