Join the YEA! Sales Team!

We want people to love us, come see us, and be in our events! That's where you come in.

This may be a chance for you to work at a job that matches your time constraints. It's perfect for guard people, drum guys, band aficionados and visual gurus.

Youth Education in the Arts is in the middle of a sales spree! 

  • We have bands to place in 140 events for the Fall.
  • We have six drum corps shows we are managing this summer.
  • We have 200 instruments to sell to bands.
  • We have a leadership workshop in April.
  • We have five "Music is Cool" events coming up.
  • We have 100 pairs of drum sticks to put in the hands of bands and indoor drum lines.

As you can tell, we have a lot to do! In order to accomplish all that we're up to, we are looking for people who are personable, happy, joyful and people-connectors to join our sales team. Under the eye of Jon Swengler, you will join a current crew of five to help us hit the phones, send emails, work with our social media team, and in short, deliver what we have to offer to folks who may not even know about all of the great things YEA! has to offer.

Here's what makes this job interesting.

There are at least four ways to come on board here at YEA! You DO NOT have to commit to a full time gig, but if you are waiting for drum corps season to begin, need a summer job, you want to work four days a week, all of this is possible. You can make a deal!

What does this position look like?

  • Yes, you need to be in Allentown to work in the sales team at least three days a week.
  • In most cases, you will be an independent contractor.
  • Our suggested hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

And as for the commitment?

  • Option 1 - From now until May 15th (for drum corps folks)
  • Option 2 - From now until August 15th (for band folks looking for a summer gig)
  • Option 3 - From May 15th - August 15th (a summer job)
  • Option 4 - For all, if interested, the option is here to be hired into the USBands office full time with a commitment or employment until December 23rd.

What's the salary?

There are positions based on commission but have a base of $400 to $500 a week depending on your arrangements. The commissions will be team based and will be at an amount that makes coming to work interesting.

Unless you're hired full time there, are not benefit packages for these positions. If you have to be off for a day here and there, you can take the day off however they will not be paid. Holidays over the period of your contract would be Memorial Day and July 4th. Weekend work is not necessary, but if you wish to work weekend drum corps shows we will work with you to make adjustments.

You will do well in this position if...

  • You're comfortable talking with band directors.
  • You can talk about The Cadets and band programs.
  • You understand the difference between a xylophone and a marimba.
  • You are high energy and driven.
  • You love to work in teams but you can get the work done without someone on your back.

YEA! has lots of great programs including The Cadets, Cadets2, XCAPE (our hip hop dance company). We also work with 700 marching bands, 45 concert ensembles and 72 indoor ensembles. In order to provide the services we do, we need to engage far more people in the activity we all love!

Please send a resume and cover letter to letting us know why you're our kind of person. 

We'll be hiring quickly, so don't wait to apply! Let us know you're interested, what you can do, and we'll be in touch!


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