TBT to '83: Meet Cheryl Philhower Gillick

A lot has changed over the years, but not what it means to be a Cadet. While it's been 34 years since our first of ten DCI World Championships, The Cadets still carry with them the traditions and standards of what it means to be a part of this organization. Cheryl Philhower Gillick spent eight years as a Cadet, and this is what it meant to her:

"My name is Cheryl Philhower Gillick and I am currently the attendance secretary at Governor Livingston High School and still active in the marching arts as an instructor, an adjudicator, and as an executive board member of the New Jersey Network of Judges. I feel that I was taught how to teach others because our staff always made sure that we understood why and how adjustments and corrections were made. There was no choice but to be resilient and resourceful and these are two traits that I use daily. I think that The Cadets are a place where young folks today can be part of an organization that has set standards in the activity through years of traditions and innovations.


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