Help Us Finish Our NEW Food Truck!

We have great news from our Food Truck Construction Crew! Our new trailer will be moving to Johnstown, PA in advance of the corps for some additional work. It will arrive on Sunday, May 14th and we're hoping to add a few more people to the team during the week to help get it ready for the corps! Bill Speakman needs your help because as of right now, he's a one man crew. If you can assist any time from 5/15 through 5/21, please email Bill at .

On the inside, the new truck is quite the beauty! The interior is shiny and white with lots of chrome. A "designed for use" generator is in place to power the new truck, along with a nearly completed electrical system. Thanks to Terry Maurer, an electrical engineer who's worked with the Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard, we have an electric grid that meets our needs and is up to code! We have a new propane system with new tanks and plumbing that are both safe and properly sized. We'd also like to say a special thanks to the pros at Ace-Robbins (Jay Travis' employer) for helping us out. A professional fire safety system has been installed along with an exhaust hood, with only one more piece of the exhaust system waiting to be installed. Thanks to the efforts of alumnus Adam Caltrider, we have brand new, top-of-the-line Garland cooking appliances. A combination walk-in cooler/freezer has been professionally installed, as well as a Thermo-King over-the-road refrigeration system. We have a new water heater that doesn't take an hour to light and Tom Weiss is installing stairways that don't weigh 1,000 lbs each!

We still have tons of shelving waiting to be installed and plumbing to put in, and we need your help to do it! Jay Travis and Mike Leonard have already gone way above and beyond what it takes to make this project work but now we need YOU! If you can give a day or two, or even a week come and see us. You'll turn screwdrivers, drill a few holes and laugh a whole lot! We want to retire the old truck as soon we we can and settle in to the new one before it moves to Ohio and hits the road. To help us finish the truck, email Bill Speakman at .