Meet our New Chef, Chris Noble!

The Cadets are excited to welcome our new chef, Cadets alumni Chris Noble. Chris played the baritone in the corps in 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1987 and he is excited to return to The Cadets and hit the road once again. Since the age of nine, Chris has been in the kitchen preparing meals for the people that he loves and for whom he cares.

"Even at a very early age I knew what I wanted to do," he said. "I used to sneak out of my naps when I was five years old to sit on the stairs and watch Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet."

In 1981 at the age of 14, Chris started washing pots and doing basic prep work in one of the local pizzerias a few hours a week. By the age of 21 he was cooking in Manhattan. His career has taken him across every time zone in the lower 48, with tours in Philly, Long Beach, Chicago, Sacramento, to finally plant roots in Las Vegas.

Since arriving in Vegas in 2002, Chris has worked at such notable establishments as Rosemary's, Thomas Keller's Bouchon as an opening Sous Chef, Morels Steakhouse and Bistro, Anthem country club, 35 Steaks and Martinis, and Caesar's Entertainment. During his tour as the opening Sous Chef at Bouchon, Chris was responsible for the culinary externship program educating students from all across the country from multiple culinary programs. "They had to be some of the most rewarding years of my career. It was an honor to be a part of passing down what had been so freely given to me."

During his time with Caesar's, Chris has had the good fortune to be a part of numerous culinary teams including but not limited to those with Ruth's Chris, Guy Fieri, and Giada Dilaurentis. "Never in my wildest imagination did I ever see myself being a part of so many wonderful culinary teams, let alone those attached to such notable figures in our industry. I could not have written it better myself."

Most recently, Chris has taken this past year off to be a caregiver to his aging father. He has since moved back home to his Jersey root and is highly motivated to get back in the "trenches" and start grinding again.

If you're interested in volunteering with The Cadets and working with Chris this summer, we're looking for additional hands to hit the road with us! If you'd like to register to volunteer with the corps this summer, click here or email the Assistant Director of Performing Ensembles, Clara Turk, at .