Cadets Begin Search to Add Staff to Drum Corps Admin Positions

Admin PhotoThree new positions directly connected with running The Cadets are now avilable, as Youth Education in the Arts looks to expand the Performing Ensembles department. These positions range from running the department year round to connecting on a daily, individual basis with the hundreds of students who pass through the organization each year. Each of these positions is available immediately, as hundreds of students across the country start the process of joining The Cadets, Cadets2 or XCAPE. We are seeking passionate, devoted individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Director of Performing Ensembles
  • Manager of Student Communication and Support
  • Cadets Spring And Summer Tour Manager

More information will be forthcoming over the next 24 hours, but you can find the basic information below if interested in these positions.

Director of Performing Ensembles

The individual selected for this position will lead the ensemble department that currently includes The Cadets, Cadets2, and XCAPE. In the event The Cadets Winter Percussion Ensemble and/or The Cadets Winter Guard are relaunched, these programs will also be included within the sphere of responsibility. 

The position requires a college degree, three years managing youth programs and a connection to drum corps or marching bands is much preferred. The Director of Performing Ensembles is NOT on the road all summer. Instead, the person selected here manages all aspects of the program from finance, to volunteers, to vehicles, recruiting and so much more. On summer weekends the position will include the management and support of Cadets2.

Expectations regarding time commitments:

  • Four day work weeks
  • Two - three Saturdays and weekends in the Fall and Winter
  • All weekends from May through Labor Day

The position is NOT for the weak of spirit. The Director of Performing Ensembles is part of the leadership team, they report directly to George Hopkins, and at some capacity over 100 people will report to them. This will include drivers, volunteers and staff. 

The person selected must relocate to the Allentown area, they must LOVE the work, and the sooner the better in terms of start time. The salary is most likely in the area of $50,000 although there can be adjustments based on abilities and experience.

Much more to go, but to express interest or ask additional questions, email George Hopkins at .

Manager of Student Communication and Support

Over 600 young people apply to The Cadets and Cadets2 each year and 2,500 or more send in communications of interest. Add to that the 250 young people in XCAPE and the potential down the line and you can imagine the communication responsibilities of this department are enormous. 

The Manager of Student Communication and Support will be part of the Sales and Customer Service Team at YEA! They will be the center point for recruiting, advertising, information webinars, mailings and so much more. The person selected for this position would probably have been a member of The Cadets, they will be personable and self-driven, they will have the ability to talk one-on-one and also to assemblies of students as well as band directors. 

The Manager of Student Communications will work directly for the Director of Performing Ensembles and the beginning salary will range from $30,000 to $38,000 depending on experience and abilities. Of note, this position also includes a four day work week but do expect to work two - three weekends per month with more time necessary in the summer.

Intersted in this position? Email George Hopkins at . The position is available immediately.

adminThe Cadets Tour Manager

In an ideal world, the individual selected for this position would manage the weekend camps, all of spring training and the entire summer tour. Now, this is a tough request. Perhaps you can do the summer but not the spring? Or you live in California and the travel would be tough?

With an eye to the above, we realize we may not attract the ideal. But what we need and what we desire is someone who can manage The Cadets on the road 100% of the time.

  • Schedules
  • Coordination of Transportation
  • Coordination of Food Service
  • Tour prep and housing planning
  • The care of the students
  • The care of the staff
  • On the road fiscal management
  • Care of the tour team (4-5 staff members)

As Hopkins would say, "When the best of tour managers is in place, I rarely if ever worry about the operations of the corps. I travel home for 15 of the 60 days, I am able to better manage the executive piece of my job at YEA! for I know, and all know, The Cadets are in the best of hands. There are many variations to this position but I would say the ideal candidate has 10 or more years of supervisory experience, they have been on a number of tours, they are industrious and able to handle the rigors of the summer and their life is such that they can indeed be committed to The Cadets for an extended period of time."

NOTE - the change here is that for the past 10 or so years, we have been taking the full time Performing Ensembles Director on the road. This practice is not what we wish to continue. We are looking for a seasonal team, supported and coordinated through the full-time office. 

Would you like more information? Please email George Hopkins at . The salary here will depend on time, past experience and other variables. 

Do know, this could be the most important and crucial position of the summer. We look forward to hearing from folks who would like to make a grand difference in The Cadets and our day to day and location to location operations. 

Future publications will talk of benefits, vacations, corporate values and practice and other points of interest. If you would like to get a head start, read the above again and send us your resume and we will be in touch. 



These new positions are opening on the tail of the announcement that Mike Pfeil, Director of Performing Ensembles, officially announced his departure from Youth Education in the arts and The Cadets to pursue professional and personal opportunities in Erie, PA. Mike's last day will be August 31, 2017.

In announcing his relocation Mike stated, "It has been a busy year and a half since my arrival here in 2016. Two summer tours later, I can only speak with admiration for the members, staff and volunteers who work tirelessly in the pursuit of such high levels of excellence. I am sorry to go, but Erie, PA is where the next chapter of my life will unfold. As an original resident of Johnstown, PA, Western PA is home and I am excited to head west after 15 years or so in Allentown and New York City. I wish all the best and I look forward to staying involved in the various programs of YEA!"

George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and Director of The Cadets chimed in, "The organization thanks Mike for his time here with The Cadets and Cadets2. Being the director of the performing ensembles is a tough gig with lots of hours and lots of responsibilities. Hopefully, in Mike's new world he can catch his breath as he pursues a new career path. We wish him safe travels."

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