Why March Cadets2? Let Our Members Tell You!

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There are many reasons to march Cadets2, but don't just take it from us! From the incredible instructors to the lifelong lessons you learn with the corps, there's a lot to love. We want to bring you just a few of the reasons why you should march Cadets2, and we thought there's no one better to tell you than current and prior members.

Becoming A Better Leader and Member

While Cadets2 takes a different approach to drum corps than The 10-time DCI World Champion Cadets, the corps is managed very much the same. There is an expectation of excellence, a clear intention that the image of The Cadets is maintained, and a promise from the organization that Cadets2 will operate with the same degree of quality as all of YEA!'s programs. 

Doug Bell is returning as a Drum Major in 2018, and his experience with Cadets2 allowed him to directly make a positive impact on his band program. "My experience as a drum major at Cadets2 has led me to be a more knowledgeable leader at my high school," he said. "Although high school marching band is different than drum corps, the leadership skills applied at Cadets2 are universal. I believe that being a drum major at a higher level also led me to be more prepared both on and off the field. My approach to leadership as a drum major was very different after Cadets2, and I believe it changed me for the better."

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Gaining Experience in Upper Level Marching Music

Many of our members go on to march at the Drum Corps International level, and site their experience with Cadets2 as a major part of why they were ready to join marching music's major league. The experience they gain at Cadets2 is an important piece of their success at the next level in the marching arts. Kevin Carlsen was a member of Cadets2 in 2015 and 2016, and spent the 2017 season marching with The Cadets in their production 'The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven.'

He said, "I only marched two years in my high school marching band. The summer after I graduated was my first time seriously marching, and I filled a hole with Cadets2. It was really amazing to see how much my visual and musical abilities improved and developed over such a short season, thanks to the talented team of educators they have on staff. It may be a weekend only corps, but the education you receive is truly on another level for the activity, which is what enabled someone like myself to be a part of a World-Class organization."

Gaining the "Cadet Experience"

For so many, the time commitment and cost of a World-Class drum corps just isn't possible. Cadets2 gives brass, percussion and color guard performers a place to experience The Cadets in a different capacity. Because Cadets2 has an age cap of 25, it allows those who are passionate about the marching arts but who are too old to march DCI a chance to really know what drum corps is like. 

17359408 10156006786702907 926751758843849447 o"I like that Cadets2 gave me the chance to march past my age out," said former member David Keller. "I found out about drum corps later in life and never got a chance to march DCI. I fell in love with The Cadets after watching the 2011 show but knew I could never march with them. Cadets2 gave me a chance to live my dreams to finally become a Cadet. I got to experience the day to day of drum corps on the mini-tour, and wear the classic maroon and cream uniform."

Becoming a Better Educator

The incredible staff at Cadets2 features a powerhouse group of educators with years of experience in drum corps and music education. Color guard Caption Head Kristy Templin is also the Caption Head for The Cadets, bringing even more World-Class education to the field. Additionally, many of our staff members have been Cadets themselves, and embody what it takes to really impart the Cadet Experience. For a full list of our educational staff and their experience, click here.

David Keller said, "The staff is amazing and really goes out of their way to help younger members learn how to succeed in their drum corps careers while helping the older members become the best educators possible. In 2016 there was a block where Matt Wyckoff, the front ensemble tech, taught us an exercise and then took the time to teach us how to teach it to our students. It was amazing. That block is one of the reasons I came back for a second year. Cadets2 not only helped me live out my dreams, but it helped me become the type of educator I wish I had in high school."


Whatever your reason is for joining Cadets2, we want to see you at our next camp! This weekend at Delran High School you'll have the chance to audition to become a member of our incredible organization. Sign up now by clicking the button below!


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