Cadets Announce The 2018 Legacy Interview Series

Cadet Corps retreat 1983 029For decades, The Cadets have produced some of the great shows and related performances in drum corps history. Rising from the East Coast … 

The Holy Name Cadets
The Garfield Cadets
Cadets of Bergen County
and now The Cadets.

This 84 year old institution is well known for a culture of hard work, innovation, and tradition. So what now? Who are The Cadets today and where did they come from? Where are they going?

As uniforms turn to costumes, the staff changes from alumni to educators far and wide, programs change and movement becomes less important, students march for a year or two and not five or six years,  students travel from coast to coast to be in drum corps, the costs of the activity rise,  Cadets2 becomes an integral piece of the organization, and the world changes we ask, what happens now?

What defines The Cadets today?
What defined The Cadets then?
And what of the stories? 

Anyone who marches had stories and these stories should be and need to be shared. Some are funny, some are profound, but all are interesting and sometimes stunning. And all need to be shared.

The Cadets announce the Wednesday evening Legacy Interviews, and the subsequent posting for friends, fans and students to share and discuss. Beginning January 17, The Cadets will begin a series of interviews with The Cadets of the past. Each will occur live at 9:00 p.m.

Our opening discussions:
January 17 — Rich Armstrong  — Cadets Drum Major, Instructor, in the 80s and beyond 
January 24 — Drew Shanefield  — Cadets Brass Section, Cadets Brass Caption Co- Supervisor in the 90’s, Cadets Brass Arranger and Caption Supervisor in 2017-2018
January 31  —  Christine Higgins — Cadets Guard Member, Cadets Guard Instructor, YEA! office team from the late 80s through 2004
February 7 — Al Chez  — Cadets soloist in the early 80s, a famed member of the David Letterman band, and a teacher and consultant to The Cadets and Crossmen 

The initial interviews will be open to 2018 members and to the teaching staff of The Cadets and Cadets2. Also by invite, all donors to The Cadets' campaigns. Once recorded, the interviews will be posted on Facebook and on The Cadets and Cadets2 websites. The sessions will run at least through April, if not longer. As the sessions are announced, George Hopkins, Director of The Cadets since 1982 stated, “On the occasion of our 25th anniversary of the THREE PEAT of 1983-1985, we gathered the staff of the time and we conducted a fabulous panel discussion recalling the excitement of the time. The session was a classic. Opening up sessions to the great Cadets of the years, and seeing what they have done in the world, and what they recall of their Cadets’ experience, is an exciting and important opportunity to investigate the impact of a drum corps that enters it’s 85th year of operation. What seemed impossible at one time, the 100th anniversary of The Cadets Drum Corps, is just around the corner and this will be an exiting series of discussion and learning for all as we move towards our shared centennial.” 

Additional detailed information will be forthcoming the week of January 8. 


Click here to watch the first video!

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