The Cadets of 2018 Round Into Shape

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The Cadets hosted a fabulous camp at a great new facility at Salem County College in Penns Grove, NJ this past weekend. On hand, in 60 degree weather, were some great percussion and brass performers, all hoping to be a part of the 85th edition of The Cadets .

The corps performed about four and a half minutes of music from the coming 2018 production, as well as other compositions. In addition, the excellent athletic center was well received by the visual staff as they continued to work through the technique considerations for the upcoming tour. Craig Sellers, the Visual Caption Manager said, “This place is awesome. We have about 50 yards of field, all is compact to the sectionals, and if it ever warms up we have lots and fields just outside the loading door. It’s a great find.”

The status of the corps as of today …




The snare, quad and bass lines are loaded and ready to go. There is one more weekend for percussion, February 9-11, and then the percussion caption is off until the end of April. Most all of our members are involved with indoor percussion and The Cadets have taken steps to cooperate inside of the marching percussion industry.

The front ensemble is very, very close to being filled for 2018. If you believe you are a high level performer and you are still interested, contact Rich Hammond at as soon as possible. The Cadets are marching 19 battery and 15 front ensemble this summer



The trumpet, mellophone and tuba sections are very close to being set for the summer. If you believe you are a lead player able to move and play at an exceptional level, and you would like to be a Cadet, you need to audition at the February 9-11 weekend. Video auditions may also be an option if you are looking for a fast evaluation. For more information contact Rich Hammond at

The Cadets are still interested in talking to bbaritone prospects. We have two positions.  Again, this is an immediate concern and we would like to complete the search at the coming February camp.

The Cadets are marching 76 brass this summer (24 trumpets, 16 mellophones, 24 baritones, 12 tubas)


Color Guard


With the world of Indoor Guard, drum corps takes a back seat. The next rehearsal weekend for The Cadets guard is April 29-May 1. 
In the interim, we are filling the ranks through video auditions. Even if you just want to reserve your place for April, it is far better to make a commitment now, to talk to Caption Head Kristy Templin and Rich Hammond () and get the ball moving.

For more information on the Cadets go to or reach out to Rich Hammond at

And do not forget, to follow session two of the Cadets Legacy Series interviews, tune in to George Hopkins' Facebook page Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Our first session with past Cadet Drum Major Rich Armstrong, had 5,500 views and we expect even more for session two of this exciting series.


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