Cadets Volunteer Association to Launch

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At 84 years old, The Cadets are not too old to learn new tricks. Each year over 100 men and women have assisted The Cadets in their travels from winter through the summer. Admittedly, the organizational structure in recent years and decades has been a bit loose. Needless to say, the corps has had some great people. GREAT PEOPLE! There is not an administrative function to the volunteers, the work is done through the office and frankly, sometimes the workload can be crazy. So the question came up, what can we do?

With the inspiration and relentless effort of Jay Travis, The Cadets are proud to announce the formation of the Cadets Volunteer Association. 

The first meeting of the group will be Sunday, February 11 at 12 p.m. at the Cadets rehearsal at Salem County College. 

Salem County College
460 Hollywood Avenue
Penns Landing, NJ

We will also hold a webinar with assorted details related to the CVA  the week of February 12 and additional details will be posted when they become available. 

The CVA is an effort to organize the efforts and workload of The Cadets. For those interested in Cadets2 by the way, we will have further announcements shortly. There have been volunteers here forever, and we have done great things together. With the CVA there is an effort to do more and to self-organize. Setting schedules, coordinating drivers, making sure we have cooks and food service, there is so much to do.

What can we tell you now? Well, we need help!

Drivers: we travel in the evening and most often we need to get 13 vehicles down the road. We need both CDL and non-CDL drivers to move from city to city. Tractor trailers, RVs, small trucks, vans, we have them all. The drivers almost always end up being a close knit group. You, of course, need to have a valid and appropriate license, but if you like to see the road by moonlight, this could be the gig for you.

Food Service: The Cadets provide four meals per day for approximately 200 members, staff, drivers and volunteers. All food is prepared on our mobile food service vehicle, a fully outfitted trailer. In fact, it's only one year old after some great work by the team last winter. A crew of six to eight volunteers at a time is needed to adequately staff the truck. No cooking experience or expertise is required.

Medical Professional: Are you a nurse, doctor or other medical professional? If so, we need your help in dealing with the minor injuries and illnesses that members experience during tour. Nurses and doctors who an travel with us on the road for a few days or weeks are a great help, but we're also looking for professionals willing to provide services to students when we're in their home area.

Sewing Crew: Our uniforms and costumes require alterations, mending, and of course washing throughout the season. We need one or two people on tour at a time to keep our uniforms in top shape for performances. We are fortunate to be led by Linda Vitale in this area, but there is always room for more.

Merchandise Sales: Everywhere The Cadets travel, our merchandise vehicle travels with us selling Cadets merchandise to fans and supporters. The corps needs at least two people on the road at a time to drive the vehicle from stie to site and sell souvies at every show.

Carpentry, Plumbing, and Other Activity: We have props to build, an RV to re-outfit and there is always much to be done to prepare vehicles and the entire caravan for the road. Much of this activity will occur over weekends from now through June. There is always lots to do!

And In General: Help us while we're near your home town: take us to the grocery store, help with doctor runs, or give the touring kitchen volunteers a break! A few hours of your time can make a huge difference when we're visiting your area. In particular, we can use help at the Spring Training sites, Johnstown, PA and Ada, OH.

Want more information?

Click HERE for a simple interest form.
Click HERE for a 2018 tour schedule and camp schedule.

You can find the full Cadets Volunteer Association website by clicking the button below.

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Send along any interest at all and we will be in touch to answer all questions and concerns. Please take a look or contact Jessica Gibson at  or call 610-821-0345 x 124.


Thank you!!!

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