Your Perfect Summer Job With The Cadets for the Summer of 2018

13528373 10154392227126349 3446720579277479675 oThe weather still may be cold, but move-ins will be here before you know it! We're looking to add some additional people to our all-star staff so that 2018 will be the best year ever for our members. Whether your talents are in the kitchen or on the open road, The Cadets have the perfect job waiting for you this summer.

All of these positions are an integral part in getting the corps down the road, and we can't do it without you! If you see a job that you think would be a perfect fit for a friend, be sure to send it to them so that they don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!


Cadets Head Cook

The 2018 Cadets are looking for a short-order cook or someone with general cooking knowledge and experience to lead the Food Service Team beginning at the start of the Corp’s Spring Training on May 14 through the end of DCI Championships on August 12th. There are options for less time.

While The Cadets are well fed - members and staff eat three meals and a healthy snack each day - a gourmet chef is not required. The corps simply needs an organized individual who can create a weekly meal plan and shopping lists for Sam's Club or Sysco, and direct the team to chop, stir and serve up hearty meals for the 200+ members, staff and volunteers. If you are a culinary student or an institutional cook looking for a summer gig, this may be the ideal position for you! And if you are a gourmet chef looking to spend a summer loving your life, we will gladly speak to you.

Pay and travel compensation are available for this position. Housing is provided with the corps and staff in the dorms during Spring Training and at the various housing sites during tour. Across the country you WILL have your own bunk.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please email The Cadets Director George Hopkins at .

Note — You will need to provide all required PA state Child Welfare clearances. We will assist you with the process.



Cadets Athletic Trainer

Drum corps can often be just as grueling as most physical contact sports these days. Pulled groins, twisted ankles, sprains, bumps and bruises are all common occurrences. We need talented, educated individuals to travel the country with us and help keep The Cadets at 100%.

This is not an easy task, but it is an educational experience, a great resume builder, and an opportunity to give back to many young men and women who give their all in the pursuit of perfection.

You don't need to be able to prescribe medication or administer stitches (although that is a plus), but you do need to know how to perform CPR, wrap an ankle, and assess minor injuries. You should constantly have the health and wellness of our performers at the forefront of your mind.

The athletic trainer should plan to develop, coordinate and administer a comprehensive sports medical program for The Cadets. The head athletic trainer will also perform professional and administrative services essential for the successful implementation and development of the program.

Education: Bachelor's degree in appropriate area of specialization.

Experience: Two-three years professional experience is ideal but not mandatory

Certificate/License: Certified by the NATA BOC, State Athletic Training Licensure, Familiarity with NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA governing rules.

Primary Responsibilites:

  • Develop and review overall sport medicine program for The Cadets, including: injury prevention programs, injury evaluations, injury management, injury treatment and rehabilitation, educational programs and counseling for student-athletes.
  • Provide athletic training services for The Cadets, including attendance at scheduled rehearsals. This can be done in cooperation with the visual instructional team.
  • Coordinate and schedule physical examinations and medical referrals for student-athletes to determine their ability to practice and compete.
  • Coordinate the corps' athletic training staff (two additional people) including perhaps hiring, training and supervision assistant/associate athletic trainers, graduate assistant athletic trainers and student athletic trainers.
  • Work in conjunction with the strength and conditioning staff to ensure safety in the design and implementation of fitness, nutrition and conditioning programs customized to meet individual student-athlete needs.
  • Schedule and coordinate athletic training staff for coverage of all corps practices and competitions.
  • Record keeping and documentation.

Letters of interest and resumes should be sent to The Cadets Director George Hopkins at . Compensation is provided.

Note — You will need to provide all required PA state Child Welfare clearances. We will assist you with the process.



Cadets Tour Assistants

 MG 8903The Cadets have immediate openings for the summer role of Tour Assistants for the 2018 season. Qualified candidates should bring a passion for the drum corps activity, team collaboration, and trouble-shooting to best serve The Cadets' membership, staff and volunteers while working closely with The Cadets' Tour Operations Manager, Assistant Director and Director. 

Reporting to The Cadets' Tour Operations Manager, the Tour Assistant will focus on specific projects and day-to-day operations of the corps, including travel and transportation logistics and other duties as assigned by the Tour Operations Manager.

This member of the corps' administration will execute standard operating procedures and best practices for the operations department to better service the organization's mission and practical needs while touring more than 14,000 miles across the United States.


  • Assist in day-to-day logistics, including all aspects of the Tour Operations Department.
  • Assist with travel logistics, including staff/volunteer/member pickups, appointments, and errands.
  • Assist with projects as assigned by the Tour Operations Manager.


The Tour Assistants will travel full-time with The Cadets from May 14 through August 12. Alternative coverage durations will be considered on a case by case basis. Meals and lodging will be provided. You will be working under the supervision of Mike McConnell, the Tour Manager for 2018 and George Hopkins, the Director of The Cadets and YEA!


The Tour Assistants will receive compensation. Additionally, all corps-related travel, housing and meal expenses will be covered by The Cadets. However, personal travel and meal expenses are not covered by The Cadets.

Application Process:

Email your resume and cover letter to The Cadets Director George Hopkins at . Applications may be subject to a series of phone/live interviews as part of the evaluation process.

Note — You will need to provide all required PA state Child Welfare clearances. We will assist you with the process.



CDL Drivers

Do you know a lot about charter buses, semi-trucks, motor coaches and small vehicles?

Do you dream of catalytic convertors, the smell of diesel and the roar of the engine?

Do you love the performing arts and assisting in the growth of young adults?

Well, you just found your perfect summer job.

The Cadets are looking for CDL Drivers to help move the drum corps down the road. We travel with 13-14 vehicles: four Coach buses, two Entertainer buses, three tractor trailers, one RV and three straight trucks and support vehicles. We travel nearly 15,000 miles each summer with 160 young performers, 20+ administrators and instructors and 10+ volunteers. Travel is almost always at night, traveling from one performance site to another.

We are looking for Class A (with passenger endorsement) or Class B drivers for our buses and semis. We would need drivers from approximately mid-May through the tour championships in mid-August. If you are only available for part of that time, we will still consider you.

CDL Drivers will be required to:

1. Perform mandatory pre-trip and post-trip inspections of all vehicles
2. Notify the tour Transportation Manager of any defects or equipment failure
3. Maintain the cleanliness of all vehicles, both interior and exterior
4. Fuel and provide minor services to the vehicles as required
5. Good communications with tour administration and the Transportation Manager are essential
6. Maintain all electronic and paper log books as directed by the Transportation Manager
7. Maintain knowledge of Department of Transportation regulations and laws as they pertain to commercial vehicles
8. Maintain accurate records of driver cash/tolls and retain/provide all receipts

These can be paid positions. We love volunteers but, we do what we have to do. Additionally, the corps provides all meals and housing. And, in 2018, we will be traveling to the West Coast! We will participate in shows in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Our drivers are a very close knit group and you will be a part of supporting young people as they strive for excellence.

Sound interesting?

Letters of interest and resumes should be sent directly to The Cadets Director George Hopkins at

Note — You will need to provide all required PA state Child Welfare clearances. We will assist you with the process.



Program Production Management & Assistants

As The Cadets travel to California and back, there is much to be done with the unloading of trucks, moving of props, set up for rehearsals, tear down or rehearsals and set up and tear down at shows. See the country, and assist The Cadets this summer. Positions carry a small stipend of $50.00 a week, but, we pay all food, you have access to the 30 events each summer and you get to spend a good bit of time watching and learning from The Cadets.

The Production Manager will be paid $100 plus per week and will meet with the tour admin staff and others each day as part of the organization of the day.

Requirements for the positions

  • Available most or all of the time from May 15th — August 15th (We will fly you in and out).
  • Good physical condition.
  • Over 21 preferred; 19 years of age or older mandatory.
  • College student or graduate.
  • Valid drivers license is a bonus as is the shown ability to drive a 26 foot straight truck.

Note — You will need to provide all required PA state Child Welfare clearances. We will assist you with the process.

Letter of interest and resumes should be sent directly to George Hopkins at


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