A Cadet Celebration - Guest List

Guests have been making reservations quickly for A Cadet Celebration to honor Dave Shaw on Saturday, October 13. Over 100 people have signed up within the first few days of announcing the event. Join us for this traditional beefsteak dinner at The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ as we relive memories of the past several decades of Cadets and drum corps history in celebration of the one and only, Dave Shaw.

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Confirmed Guest List as of Sept. 24

Adrian Adamo
Joseph Andi
Karen Antolik
John Avella                                   
William Bailey
Anthony Bartello
Barbara Bartello
Carl Beier
Tom Beresford
Robert Bessich
Carlet Bessich
Mark Brodell
Judy Bustard
John Calabrese
Bob Cardaneo
Cathy Cardaneo
Greg Cinzio
Lynn Cinzio
Michael Collette
Tony Connell
Jim D'Amico
Carol D'Amico
Jack Day
George DeOld
Sherri Desormeaux

Cindi DeVivo                                     
John DeVivo
Marie Didominico
Jim Dugan
Janet Dugan
Linda Evans
Duane Evans
Vicki Ferrence Ray
Caren Frech
Joe Frech
Ron Frech
Jack Garda
Lora Garda
Jim Gardner
Margee Gearhart 
John Gillick
Cheryl Gillick
John Hannigan
Dennis Harris
Dave Helms
Charity Helms
David Hobart
Bill Kardash
Judy Kardash
Patricia Karkut
Robin Karpinski
Rebecca Karpinski

Dan Kocher
Richard Kozol
Richard Lemke
Jane Lemmon
Paul Litteau
Scott Litzenberg
Tom Maeillo
Amy Maeillo
Stanley Magda
Hugh Mahon
Adria Mahon
Jeff Males
Linda Maloney
Laura Masker
Jay McMahon
Richard "Scotty" McGarry
Jay Mercado
Jim Messina
Barb Messina
Gene Monterastelli
Bob Morrison
Arthur Mura
Bob  Nadig                                     
Arlene Nikischer                                 
Joe Nikischer                                     
Joe Nikischer, Jr.          
Ralph Pace
Lillian Petrullo
Don Polzo
Theresa Polzo
Greg Pych
Elena Pych
Pat Ragnoni

Larry Ridings
Sharon Ridings
Deborah Ripke
Deb Rogerson
Dianne Roszkowski
Doug Rutherford
Susan Rutherford
Eric Sabach
Jeff Sacktig
Gary Scarpa
Donna Schiavone
David Shaw
Thomas Shaw
Ken Shedosky
Bernadette Shedosky
Gary Siefert
Kelly Smith
Lois Smith
Renee Strutton
Walter Taormina                               
Alice Taormina
Maggie Temple
Jeff Temple                                     
Doug Tenis
Karl Thiedietz
Brook Thomas
Patti Trojanowski
Judy Ulchinski
Kevin Ullrich
Todd Ullrich
Pat Vasquez
Steve Vickers
Paul Wall
Rich Wardlow                                     
Ann Wildt
Linda Wildt
Brian Wilkie
Caryn Wilkie


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