YEA! Leadership Summit Update for Feb. 2-3 Event

dougrutherford playbuttonThe YEA! Board, administration and Cadets Alumni Leadership Conference committee are excited to announce the initial topics to be covered in the upcoming event on February 2 and 3. Attendees will be invited to help chart the future course of YEA!. The Board, volunteers, alumni, and administration are aligning around three goals: offer excellent programs, financial security and securing a great place to work and volunteer.

Doug Rutherford, YEA! board chair, will kick off the two-day event with an overview of the YEA! organization and structure, an assessment of the current state of affairs, and goals for the future of YEA! and The Cadets as defined by the Board of Directors. The attendees of the conference will then break into small groups and explore different projects related to achieving the three goals. Take a look at the video to hear even more.

The focus of the event is on the financial security and longevity of the organization, but there is so much more we can do together than just asking for donations.

Workshop topics will include:
- Alumni Organization and Activities
- 85th Anniversary Events
- General Fund Raising/Maroon and Gold Club
- Corporate Sponsorships
- Running Great Drum Corps Contests
- Social Media and Communications
- and many more

We want you to be a part of developing the future direction of YEA!. By participating in this event, you will be able to help us focus on common goals that the board, volunteers, and staff can rally around together. Already more than 40 people from a variety of decades and generations have registered and we expect to attract even more. We hope that YOU will register too and join us for the weekend and stay at the hotel on Saturday night after the social event.

This event is volunteer-run with support and collaboration from the YEA! administration.

Make sure you don't miss out, so grab your bus seat partner, section leader, or other friends and sign up. Volunteers and friends of The Cadets that did not march in The Cadets or any other YEA! program are welcome to join.

Register today, it's free!

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