April Camp Success Ahead Of 2019 Move-Ins

Created on Friday, 03 May 2019 08:59:25

Last weekend was the final Cadets camp of the season, bringing with it the excitement the buzz of drum corps season and the start of the summer. It was a great opportunity for the corps to create plenty of amazing music and lots of new drill.

This weekend we saw the return of the color guard for their final audition of the season. This is the first time the color guard has been back with the corps since the first round of auditions in November. Many familiar faces and quite a few new ones filled the gym with excitement as over 70 auditionees competed for spots in the 2019 color guard! Color Guard Caption Manager Sam Watson stated, “This weekend was a success! We had a respectable turnout, with many quality performers looking for a position in our guard. It made it tough to sort through the passion and talent, but it was all worth it. Our color guard family is strong and looking forward to meeting the challenges of 2019. We’re so glad to be reunited with the corps and moving forward!” 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of having women in The Cadets and we can't wait to welcome all of the new color guard members for such a historic season!

CampRecap.pngThe percussion team rejoined the corps this camp after a three-month hiatus. The battery and front ensemble haven’t been together since January and they came in ready to hit the ground running. Jake Gall, Battery Caption Manager, said, “The Cadets percussion section is comprised of players of the highest caliber. We are very fortunate to have players who are involved in the WGI activity and who bring their experience, knowledge, and talents to our percussion section. The field experience paired with the mindset of excellence from our members, staff and design team in the offseason enabled our team to perform at an all-time high for an April camp.”

The brass members were back in action this weekend and started to learn visual components of the show, completing about a minute and a half of drill. Visual Caption Manager Chris Johnston stated, “Due to the accelerated pace of design this year, we were extremely excited to have drill in our hands during this camp. This allowed us the opportunity to start teaching The Cadets hornline the show. We spent a significant amount of time outlining rehearsal protocols and rehearsal expectations for our members so we have a solid foundation going into move-ins. Navigating this before spring training is invaluable and helps set the drum corps up for immediate and long-term success. This year, we are again utilizing Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) and this drill learning/cleaning tool has become integral to our process. We are extremely excited to partner with UDB again and we're looking forward to a smooth and effective show learning process.”

The brass staff continued to push their fundamentals this weekend as they produced 12 minutes of music. Brass Caption Manager Branden Hill said, “It's been a great winter for us. We've been able to establish our brass technique program and we've been able to stay consistent throughout the winter, which will be beneficial for us heading into spring training. I’m beyond proud of the members who have been relentless in trusting the process this winter and can’t wait to start the journey with them at spring training.”

The Design Team was present this weekend as they worked on continuing to refine the 2019 program and bring it to life. Denise Bonfiglio, Staff Coordinator, worked with the design team to help manage the staff and review goals, expectation and deadlines for the upcoming season. Denise said, “It’s been a pleasure working with the entire team for The Cadets 2019. Everyone is focused on The Cadets, there is great talent on the educational staff, and the Design Team has been working diligently for the past seven months to deliver an exciting program for the fans. I’m so fortunate and honored to come back to an organization I called home for a decade. I’m 100% focused on working with the management team and staff in preparation for a successful season!”

We would like to give many thanks to all of our volunteers, our admin team and the support team behind the scenes that make it possible for our members to experience drum corps on the highest level. “It was great to have everyone in at this camp. This camp was a huge success," said JP Castro, Corps Manager. "Having all of our 2019 elements in place in April really sets us up for success heading into spring training. I am thrilled with the admin team we have in place for the summer and we're ready to go. The sewing team and DeMoulin uniform team were on site Saturday giving the members a taste of what they will look like in 2019, and everyone is very excited about what they saw.” Lauren Davis, Tour Manager, added, “This has been the biggest turn out of volunteers we've had this entire winter. I would like to thank all of those who volunteered on the food truck, repairing vehicles, our shuttle drivers and our sewing team. Without them, we couldn’t have done this and we are grateful for them. We are still looking for more volunteers this summer and if you are available and interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!” If you're interested in volunteering this summer, please email Lauren at ldavis@yea.org.

Scott Litzenberg, Corps Director, closed out camp by saying, “To see the many elements of this team finally come back together and see all of the hard work of the past eight months pay off is just amazing. To know that in a few short weeks the 2019 85th Anniversary edition of The Cadets will be moved in and ready to go. is very humbling. The entire team of members, staff, admin, and volunteers are to be commended for their dedication and commitment to this organization, for none of this can happen without each part. I can confidently say that The Cadets are ready to get this show on the road!”

We would like to extend our thanks to the faculty and staff at Keith Valley Middle School. They opened their doors for us this past weekend and helped the corps tremendously. Sunday show and tell was packed and we couldn’t be happier with the number of people who showed up ready to enjoy The Cadets. Thank you to all the alumni, fans, friends and families who joined us.

As we move towards the summer we are still looking for a CDL Driver for this summer, as well as volunteers on the road. Please email Lauren Davis at ldavis@yea.org for more information.

The drum corps season officially begins on Friday, May 17 in Salem, NJ for the first day of Spring Training. For more information on where you can find the corps this summer, click here.


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