Cadets DCI Probation Lifted

Created on Friday, 03 May 2019 11:47:10

We are happy to announce that The Cadets' probation status has been lifted and the corps is currently in good standing with DCI as a Member Organization.

"It was a team effort involving a lot of people to make this happen," said Vicki Ferrence Ray, Executive Director of YEA! "The organization has worked tirelessly to ensure we have put into place the appropriate policies and procedures and instill a positive culture that reinforces them. To see that being recognized in having the probation lifted is a wonderful feeling. More than ever we're committed to providing excellent programming in a safe environment for our students both in Allentown and across the country. We would also like to pass along our thanks to the folks at DCI who have helped support us and continued to work with us over the last year. Onwards and upwards!"

"The changes at YEA! have been at every level of the organization," Doug Rutherford, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said. "From the Board of Directors to the office staff to the educational teams that travel with the corps, we've worked to ensure that we have created the safest and healthiest environment possible for our participants. In addition to our three-step background check for staff, we have readily available resources for reporting compliance violations. We've made tremendous strides in the last year."

"Having the probation lifted is a wonderful piece of news that's really going to help propel us into spring training in a few weeks," said Scott Litzenberg, Director of The Cadets. "Just having the knowledge that we are back to being a fully functioning member of DCI really is a great feeling for the corps."

For more information on YEA!'s resources including policies, guides and forms, click here.


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