Cadets Used Instruments Available for August Delivery

Created on Monday, 08 Jul 2019 09:57:27

AU8A4069.jpgAre you in the market to upgrade or replace your band’s sound with lightly-used Yamaha brass and percussion instruments?


The Cadets have a limited quantity of lightly-used Yamaha Xeno Trumpets, euphoniums and tubas, making this the best time for anyone searching for high-quality instruments at an affordable price. 

  • YEP-202MS - Euphoniums - 11 to choose from starting at $1,550
  • YBB-202MS - Tubas - 5 to choose from starting at $4,600

The Cadets also have a complete set of YTR-8345RS Xeno Trumpets with only one season of use. Pricing starts at $1695 with discounts on purchases of (3) or more Xenos.

Unfortunately, The Cadets inventory of Mellophones and Baritones are no longer available.  


The Cadets have a few percussion instruments available including:

  • YX-500FT - Xylophones - 2 to choose from starting at $2,300
  • CB-360AS - Concert Bass Drums - 2 to choose from starting at $1,800
  • TP-6300 - Timpani - (2) sets to choose from starting at $9,000

Unfortunately, The Cadets inventory of Marimbas and Vibes are no longer available. 

All are available for delivery on or about August 15. Initial interest in this offer is high, so please act soon if you are interested. We are able to reserve your instrument(s) with a purchase order or deposit. All instruments will be professionally inspected and serviced if necessary before shipment. 

You can contact with any questions you may have.


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