March 4th Update From Board Charman, Doug Rutherford

Created on Monday, 04 Mar 2019 16:02:31

Doug Rutherford, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for YEA! wishes you a happy March 4th! In his video message, he delivers updates on programs, changes and events at YEA! over the last few months.

He starts with a note about today's special significance with USBands, as it is our National Sign-Up Day! With USBands giving programs their first opportunity to register for 2019 Fall Marching Season events, Doug said, "You can expect a commitment to service through accessibility, affordability and convenience for all of those programs."

He moves on to note that today is the 90 days from when he last checked in with the broader Youth Education in the Arts community. Following up on his promised updates regarding the expense reduction initiatives undertaken in December, he touches on the impact that implemented policies have had on students, employees, volunteers, parents and the Board of Directors. In particular, he notes the incredibly tough decision to suspend the operation of Cadets2. "In this case, it truly was a situation where we had to take a step back to be able to take a step forward," he said.

Moving on, he covers what Youth Education in the Arts has been able to accomplish in the last 90 days in spite of recent hardships. A recent solidification of goals for the organization including providing excellent programs, being financially secure and to create a great place to work and volunteer. In the realm of finances, YEA! has been working diligently to sell new and lightly used instruments in our inventory, selling unused vehicles, clearing out storage facilities and worked to significantly reduce expenses, including travel. Doug goes on to mention that Denise Bonfiglio has joined the YEA! team to serve not only as an Executive Consultant for the overall welfare of the organization but also as the Staff Coordinator for The Cadets.

In addition to these strides forward, YEA! hosted our first annual Leadership Conference in which 60 alumni, fans and supporters came together from seven different decades. Over the course of two days they came together to create ideas, strategies and plans for how they could help support YEA!'s three main goals. He also delves into your next fun opportunity to get together with fellow Cadets supporters at one of our favorite annual events.

The next planned update will be in the first part of April, the beginning of our fiscal year. We'll look back at the events of the last 12 months and look forward to the next 12 months.

Watch the full video here!

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