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Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, each state and each school may have different guidelines to follow regarding marching band participation this fall and many schools are prohibited from travel, participating in mass gatherings or have been affected by budgetary or other restrictions imposed upon scholastic music programs. USBands has developed a creative and structured alternative to present an accredited solution to the participatory challenges music programs are facing.

In response to these requests for safe and meaningful options and opportunities for the traditional high school marching band activities in the upcoming 2020 fall season, USBands announces the launch of v-USBands, an alternative digital competition platform for students to remain engaged with their music programs and providing those programs the structure and accountability needed from school administrations for ongoing assessment and continuity.

The v-USBands platform is a virtual option for individuals, ensembles and bands of all sizes and skill sets to experience meaningful musical participation throughout the fall. Band directors are encouraged to use v-USBands as a main or complementary platform for their 2020 fall plans utilizing weekly evaluations over the traditional eight week USBands schedule to assist in student’s development as an individual or member of an ensemble.

Directors will be able to choose participation in traditional USBands events where possible, or v-USBands, or a combination of both options in order to meet the education objectives of their programs.

USBands has partnered with e-Adjudicate, the global leaders in online adjudication and evaluation, to deliver timely evaluations of individual performers, ensembles and full bands by experienced USBands adjudicators and clinicians.

Over the period of 8 weekends during the fall, performances from v-USBands submissions will be posted on FloMarching from individuals, ensembles and marching bands for parents, students, friends and extended family members, not to mention pageantry enthusiasts around the world, to watch and enjoy.


  • USBands is excited to offer a new opportunity (v-USBands) as a virtual option for individuals, ensembles and bands of all sizes who desire a safe, meaningful option to traditional marching band
  • v-USBands will be 8 weeks of scheduled participation for continuity and student and program development
  • USBands adjudicators will provide evaluation and commentary using modified USBands criteria
  • v-USBands performances and results wiill appear weekly on FloMarching 
  • More information will be available over the next few weeks, fill out this form to receive additional information

Here are some other highlights:


Exact details of the individual captions and band sizes remain flexible and will be based on the level of enrollment in each of the categories. More information will be available in the v-USBands Participation Guide and subsequent communications.

• Participating individuals, ensembles and bands will upload a video of their performance each week for evaluation within 72 hours.

• Individual performances are segmented into four groups: Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Visual and evaluated by one adjudicator

• Ensemble performances are segmented into groups of 25 performers or less: Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion (Battery/Concert/Mixed) and Mixed Ensembles or Color Guard and evaluated by two adjudicators. Standstill and marching classifications are available.

• Marching Band performances are segmented into Division 1 Bands (26-50 students) and Division 2 Bands (51-80 Students) and evaluated by two adjudicators. Division 3 Bands (81+ students) are evaluated by three adjudicators. 

• Standstill and marching classifications are available for Ensemble and Band Performances.

• There will be a Creative Class whereby any mixture of acoustic, digital, cross-genre and enhanced or “processed” performances are allowed and evaluated by two Artistry adjudicators.

• Individuals & Ensemble and Creative Class Performances will have no time limits, but the recommended tiime is 2:00 - 4:00 minutes. Marching band performances should be no longer than 8:00 minutes.


USBands will attempt to provide a sense of normalcy for students with a full schedule of virtual events in the form of weekend online postings of all performances each week from September 26-November 14, complete with a presentation of the results for the week. More information will be forthcoming on the hosting platforms and other exciting announcements in the near future.

The tentative schedule as of July 10 is: 






FLO Marching Kick-Off

Tues Sept 15

Tues Sept. 22

Sept 22-Sept 25

Sept 26-27

Yamaha Cup

Tues Sept 22

Tues Sept 29

Sept 29-Oct 2

Oct 3-4

DeMoulin Invitational

Tues Sept 29

Tues Oct 6

Oct 6-Oct 9

Oct 10-11

Zildjian-Vic Firth Challenge

Tues Oct 6

Tues Oct 13

Oct 13-Oct 16

Oct 17-18

Remo Invitational

Tues Oct 13

Tues Oct 20

Oct 20-Oct 23

Oct 24-25

State Championships

Tues Oct 20

Tues Oct 27

Oct 27-Oct 30

Oct 31-Nov 1

National Championships

Tues Oct 27

Tues Nov 3

Nov 3-Nov 6

Nov 7-8

V-USBands Grand Finale

Tues Nov 3*

Tues Nov 10

Nov 10-13

Nov 14-15


Registration for v-USBands are as follows:

• Individual - $25 per submission

• Ensemble - $50 per submission

• Division 1-2-3 Bands -  $85 per submission


As a special acknowledgement and incentive for students to participate in the 2020 v-USBands season will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships in order to further their educational career in music or other fields. Criteria and an application will be posted shortly.


If your program is interested in participating in v-USBands at any level, or you would like to receive more information, please complete this short survey to be included in updates over the next few days and weeks.

Formal registration for v-USBands along with a complete Participation Guide will be available on or about August 17. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please send an email to at your earliest convenience.

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