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Created on Tuesday, 14 May 2019 08:47:16

I would like to nominate Sadie Wallace to the Cadets’ Hall of Fame.

As some of you may know Sadie was very influential during our three-peat years of 1983, 1984 and 1985.  She performed many tasks and did whatever was asked of her.  

On a personal note, Sadie covered for me many times. Since I was still living in the Boston area during the winter months, she would teach the guard until I got there. I never had to worry about what she was doing because we were always on the same page. I couldn’t have done it without her!

It is my honor and privilege to nominate Sadie Wallace into the Cadets’ Hall of Fame - 2018.

Sorry, Sadie, it’s 20 years too late, but better late than never!

Peggy Twiggs


I am writing this letter in support of Sadie Wallace’s induction into the Cadets Hall of Fame.

Sadie was a mother figure for all,  tech for the guard, and dance/movement pioneer for the corps and the drum corps world in the 1980s. 

Sadie was always there for all the members.  She worked as an equipment technician as needed.

Sadie cared about the physical bodies of the entire drum corps as programs became more advanced.  She was a pioneer by introducing dance/movement programs as the advancing programs warranted. She fought for time to be sure that the members had time to stretch and maintain good body mechanics.

It is for these reasons that I believe Sadie should be in the Cadets Hall of Fame.



Cheryl Philhower-Gillick


Dear Cadets Hall of Fame Committee,

I’m writing a letter of support for the induction of Sadie Wallace into the Cadets Hall of Fame.  

I had the privilege of having Sadie as my instructor during my 1984 season when I was a performer in the Cadets Color Guard. Sadie was not only our instructor, she also filled the roll as our physical trainer, dance instructor, equipment tech, therapist and confidant.    

Anyone that marched the 1984 season knows how tough that season was. Sadie was always there for us when we would have our physical breakdowns, and our bodies just couldn’t push any further.  

Without having a Trainer on tour with us, Sadie stepped in and helped us get our bodies healed and back into performance mode.  

Sadie was also there to help and guide us through our mental breakdowns as well. I can remember a day on tour when I was just mentally and physically drained. I just couldn’t pull myself together and I was performing far under par. But Sadie was able to talk me off the ledge with words of encouragement and just being that big sister/mother figure that let you just get it all out and provide that much-needed shoulder to cry on. Then give you the reality check that you needed to pull yourself together and get back out there.

Dance was only starting to become a major part of color guard back in 1984 and dance wasn’t my strength, by a long shot.  Sadie, with much more patience than I would have had, worked with me diligently to get my dance movements, body posture and my every troublesome arms and shoulders to be as elegant and graceful as they could be for this non-dancer. And I wasn’t alone in receiving her dance help and guidance.

There were many of us that benefited from her individual attention. Sadie also was a major contributor to “stretch block”.  Not that we called it that back then. She was our physical trainer that got the color guard and at time, the whole drum corps stretched and physically ready for the rehearsal day ahead of us.  I’m sure every member that every marched during her years with the Cadets still knows the “Sadie Stretch”. I still use it today with my marching band.  

Sadie was always dedicated to making the Cadets Color Guard the best we could be. She was always present, available and willing to handle any task that was giving to her to make us better performers.

Sadie has left a huge impression on me and I’ve taken many of her teachings with me to the marching programs that I have taught over the years and continue to teach.  

I highly recommend and encourage Sadie to be inducted into the Cadets Hall of Fame Class of 2019.



Lizann Tomasi
Cadets 81, 82, 84


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