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Seven years ago USBands offered a separate approach for adjudicating A Class. At the time, this was a big step forward in addressing the need to recognize variances in bands’ programming. In the spirit of evolution and refining what we do, we are proud to announce another important step forward. In 2019 we are offering universal number application throughout the entire system along with a simple weighting system that will be used on all captions. Every band director, staff, performer and adjudicator will know the meaning of a tenth and how it’s applied to their score.

In addition, with keeping the philosophy and emphasis on training and developing skillsets for A Class ensembles, there will be a factoring applied to the numbers used for A Class – universally across all captions. As stated earlier, every adjudicator in every caption will be applying 100 tenths per sub-caption. Our entire community will be applying the same numbers to the Criteria Reference system (five boxes). This fall in A Class a factoring will be applied in Competition Suite, referred to as “70/130.” In application, it means 70 over 100  points are used for content and programming, and 130 over 100 points are used for training and excellence. This maintains the intended emphasis on beginning to intermediate skill sets in design, performance and training.  

On all A Class sheets and in all USBands training this is the directive (protocol since 2017):

“Adjudicators are to consider the program content and performer’s excellence both as its own entity and as it relates to the overall design. Emphasis is placed on the achievement of technique and excellence by the performers through appropriate design choices as they relate to the maturity and skillsets of the performers.”

We want to be clear that this evolution is a refinement of current philosophies and a fine-tuning of a process already in place. Also, there will be communication and oversite from the Coordinator and Chief Adjudicators in addition to ULearn Level 100 and 200 training that will aid in uniform and ubiquitous protocol throughout all events in any given region or weekend.

Of special note is that band directors will see this application in recap summaries. They will see the two sub-captions applied by the adjudicator at 100 points each BUT the total will not add up because it will have been factored through the 70/130 process. We will be sending additional supportive material to add to clarity and understanding. 

Finally, we invite all band directors, staffs and adjudicators to continue to be part of this community effort. This has been and continues to be about a collective effort on behalf of all the performers at every USBands event. We are all fully aware that like any new aspect in an established system there will be growing pains.  We ask for your patience and support as we recalibrate how your ensemble will be adjudicated this fall.

I am at your service and look forward to hearing from you.



Eric Kitchenman

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