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The Worldwide Day of Gratitude exceeded the wildest expectations of organizers in the YOUnison project.

Some quick highlights:

  • We reached more than 20 million people on social media (including 17 million just on April 30).
  • We reached another 30 million through the Sirius XM Singalong!
  • There were over 6,000 social media posts from around the world.

Thirty countries were involved including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines,  Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,  Uganda,  United Kingdom, and the United States.

This truly was a global event!

If you have not looked at any of the posts you can see the twitter feed here:

And you can visit to follow the conversation page to see all the social media posts:

We are all confronting one of the most extraordinary crises ever. Right now we may feel isolated, uncertain of the future, frustrated, or a host of other emotions. For now, educators like you are making extraordinary efforts to break down the walls of isolation and connect with students to continue their musical and personal growth. As adults - educators and parents - we can look ahead to when students again will come together to express themselves and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow band members, immersed in following their passion for the marching arts. 

The fall marching band season seems distant now; the excitement and enthusiasm of stadiums filled with music, color, pageantry, and smiles seem a million miles away. While we realize nothing will ever be exactly the same, we must remind ourselves that this will end and WE WILL move forward.  After this darkness will come light; and with it the need and desire for arts and connection. There will be a new beginning. A new tomorrow. A raucous celebration of music and color flowing through the practice fields, band rooms, and football fields. USBands intends to stand strong to support the efforts of this work and provide the platforms for young people to engage and create new memories.

With the Covid-19 crisis causing an upheaval for schools, teachers, students, parents, band directors and performance ensembles – we have listened to feedback from the community and made some changes to The SPiN Network:


Due to the need for more distance learning, we have created SPiN Student Accounts.  These accounts are free for students, and allow them to be able to watch content/lessons from their teachers/instructors while being copyright compliant.

Schools/Ensembles/Directors can set up a channel on SPiN for no charge.  Once they set up a channel, each ensemble will be able to send a link to students for them to sign up and be able to watch lessons. 

Here is a link to directions on how to set up a channel and the Student Accounts (


While students/parents/fans are staying at home and unable to practice, perform or watch their bands/ensembles – SPiN is making the month to month all access subscriptions free for at least the next 2 months.

Hopefully being able to watch performances hosted by Bands Of America, USBands, The Ohio Music Educators Association and other schools and organizations will bring some joy during these difficult times.

USBands has begun hosting Director Connector weekly discussion forums to help directors stay connected in these days of social distancing and online connectivity.

The USBands team began with a small group on March 25, testing the waters so-to-speak, to talk about how directors were connecting with students via distant learning and what challenges and successes they were experiencing. 

We heard individual districts are placing varying expectations on their staff and students, and those are continuing to evolve as the days go by. Having directors share what is working for them helps everyone generate fresh ideas for themselves and sharing challenges helps us realize how much none of us is alone in this new world of learning.

Over the coming weeks, we are looking to expand these online virtual meetings, both in terms of topics covered and our ability to include more of our members.

As we seek resources that will be interesting and useful to our USBands community, we would like to update you on the online meetings held this week. 

18 Mar 2020

The mission of USBands is to support the development of young people into magnificent humans through participation in the performing arts. That mission extends directly to you, the music educator, that has dedicated your life to your students and encouraging their musical and performance pursuits.

In these trying times, we want to be sure that you know USBands is here for you to help in any way possible. From the aftermath of national and weather emergencies that have impacted our beloved activity in the past, we have always tried to look beyond the immediate crisis to assist our members in any way possible and make them stronger for the future.

We recently began sharing resources from our partners throughout the world of music education, to assist in the challenges you are facing in these extraordinary times.

You may have already tapped into some of those resources but with so many others available, we will dedicate upcoming email communications, social media posts and our BAND mobile app to sharing some of the most valuable ones that could potentially provide assistance, guidance or knowledge to you and your program during this unprecedented time. 

For even more resources, be sure to check in at periodically or give any one of our team a call to discuss. Jim Sheeley, 610-821-0591; Amanda Ehst, 610-821-0656; and for Texas Directors: Eric Kitchenman, 484-387-1137 and Jason Howard, 325-205-0183.


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Our Mission is to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts.


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