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The Cadets are excited to announce the return of several familiar faces from Cadets history and welcome a few new faces for 2020. Jay Bocook, Jeff Sacktig, April Gilligan-Martinez and many more Cadets greats will rejoin The Cadets in a continuing effort to drive the corps towards the future. In addition, Denise Bonfiglio will step into the role of Corps Director bringing decades of experience and knowledge to the corps.

"To say we're excited for the 2020 season is an understatement," said Denise. "We've already assembled a great team and we're actively working on the upcoming season. The combined experience and excellence of the group is just outstanding and the future looks bright with what we have in store."

Scott Litzenberg, Cadets Corps Director for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, will be taking on a critical, new role for the 2020 season in addition to working with Denise as an advisor for the corps. He will be stepping into a community relations role for YEA! and supporting the directors of all of YEA!’s programs. He will be integral in recruiting new students and ensembles for YEA! programs in addition to managing relationships with current supporters. Part of Scott’s role will also include alumni relations for The Cadets, a group near and dear to his heart. 

instruments_article.pngUpgrade your band's sound with lightly-used Yamaha instruments from The Cadets inventory of high-quality brass and percussion. These are the instruments are available for immediate delivery.


The Cadets have a limited quantity of lightly-used Yamaha YMP-204M Mellophones, YBH-301MS Baritones, YEP-202 Euphoniums and YBH-301MS Tubas, making this the best time for anyone searching for high-quality instruments at an affordable price.

Also, there are YTR-8345RS Xeno Trumpets available with only one season of use. Discounts and/or free shipping can apply on orders of quantities of three or more instruments through August 20.


The Cadets have a few remaining percussion instruments available including YX-500FT - Xylophones, YVRD-2700 Vibraphone and TP-6300 - Timpani set of five drums.

All are available for immediate delivery and are able to ship with a purchase order or deposit. All instruments will be professionally inspected and serviced if necessary before shipment.

Visit or email with any questions you may have or to receive an estimate.

uniforms.pngBeing a member of The Cadets does not end after the final performance at the World Championships. The memories of being a Cadet stay with members for the rest of their lives. 

In this historical season for the corps, we are providing an exclusive opportunity for members, parents, supporters and alumni to own a piece of that history while helping to secure the future of The Cadets.

The corps is making the uniforms from the 2019 production available immediately following the season as a remembrance of one of the most thrilling and emotional programs in Cadet history. Members of every section of the corps can own their exact uniform they took the field in over 30 times this summer.

For a $250 contribution, supporters will receive the top hat of the member they select adorned with a special engraved plate acknowledging the 2019 season. Colorguard members will receive a set of flags from the year for the same amount.

For a $500 contribution, supporters will receive the complete 2019 uniform including the top hat from production. Colorguard members will receive their uniform and set of select flags from the year for the same amount.

holybass.pngThe annual Holy Bass Reunion event raised $5,400 for The Cadets and brought together Holy Bass Alumni along with other generations of Cadets in celebration of the 85th Anniversary at DCI East on Saturday, Aug. 3 for a fantastic performance and fundraiser.

Holy Bass Organizers, led by Michael Giambra and Jerede Brown, have committed that this effort will continue year after year and that all Cadet alumni are invited to celebrate annually with the Holy Bass fraternity at the next annual reunion. YEA! will coordinate, on behalf of the Holy Bass Reunion effort, with the DCI Eastern Classic Committee to create a bedrock foundation for a growing centralized Cadets Alumni presence at the annual Eastern Classic event.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold The Cadets!

For those of you who haven’t seen the 85th Anniversary Edition of The Cadets, this is how audiences across America have been introduced to the 154 young men and women who make up the remarkable version of this year’s corps.

For those who have yet to see this exceptional group of performers, BEHOLD, is the name of the 2019 production featuring a storyline in honor this year’s 50th Anniversary of Women in the corps.

Off the field, thanks to you, The Cadets have built one of the strongest communities of fans, parents, alumni and volunteers in support of the corps. This support is critical for us to provide a world-class experience.

From buses to food to instruments and equipment it takes a dedicated group to ensure all of the needs of our members are met so that they can focus on their job: being the very best Cadet, and the very best individual they can be.

Today kicks-off the DCI Giving Challenge, the annual competition between our fellow drum corps in a contest to see who can raise the most funds before August 2.

Katie, we ask you to help support The Cadets in this activity-wide fundraiser, as well as boosting The Cadets through the end of the tour! Just click and make your contribution today!

You can support The Cadets in two ways:


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