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To the Cadets Hall of Fame Committee,

I would like to nominate Kenny Conklin to the Cadets Hall of Fame.

Kenny was a quartermaster for the corps back in the 80’s. During that time his daughter Kathy and his son Billy marched with the Cadets. He did so much for all the kids during his this time. He worked tirelessly on their behalf.

But more importantly…for me…he was my first drum instructor. Without his instruction and guidance I would have never been able to join the Garfield Cadets. Kenny was a life changer.



Jack Day (snare 65-66)

I'm writing to nominate my father Ken Conklin for the Hall of Fame. He has always loved "Garfield". They've always been a part of our lives. My brother and I marched in the Plebes and then moved up to the "Big Corps". My sister also marched in the plebes. My parents even bought a maroon & white suburban when we were in the Plebes.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all of the fans, friends and alumni of The Cadets on participating in the single biggest fundraising day ever in the 85 year history of the corps.

We asked for your support on this first ever Maroon & Gold Day and you more than answered the call. 350 strong and still counting.

Your support unlocked performances and news about the 2019 Cadets. But you also helped us unlock the $10,000 Challenge from five anonymous donors. Thank you 450 times over!

We're a third of our way to our overall goal for the Maroon & Gold Club, but with this amazing outpouring of love and support on Day 1, we know this is going to be a remarkable year in every way possible.

For our new members of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club watch for exclusive, behind the scenes "Meet the Design Team" video series coming soon and additional ways for you to play an important role in the coming summer season for The Cadets.

For those of you who have yet to join the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club, please join us on our 85th Anniversary journey and BEHOLD The Cadets of 2019. You can still donate here.

Thank you again to all of those who participated in Maroon & Gold Day 2019. With the support of the individuals listed below, we are on our way to an amazing season.

Sharyland USBands Austin 2018-9751 copy.jpgThe 2019 Fall Marching season continues to gain momentum as membership numbers increase across the country. With more bands signing up earlier, many of our most popular events are filling up and bands are encouraged to register now to secure their spots.

"We're thrilled to see so many bands signing up so early in the year," said Vicki Ferrence Ray, Executive Director of Youth Education in the Arts. "We had a great 30th Anniversary season last year and our team has really tried to keep that momentum going. During the winter months, we've really worked to create a structure that provides the maximum value for band programs."

20181030-055A3439 copy.jpgSince the announcement of the new Bands-First Membership Program for USBands schools, there has been a good deal of excitement and enthusiasm for the packages based on the activity of the participating schools.

Beyond the discounted participation rates, there are also several extra special benefits for those schools who select the Basic Level and even more who choose the Prime Level. Here is a brief explanation of some of the additional benefits you’ll receive as a 2019 Member School at the corresponding level.

Votes on Policy Changes & Participant Guidebook on Annual Basis – These votes are important components of the Guidelines and Policies that govern USBands events excluding the competitive rules by which USBands events are adjudicated.

20181020-DSC_1042.jpgUSBands is proud to announce its partnership with Calvert Hall College High School in Baltimore as the site for the 2019 Maryland State Championships on Saturday, October 26.

The decision to return to a high-quality high school location came after several weeks of evaluating locations and researching how to best address the needs of the music programs in Maryland. As of May 6, over 20 bands have registered for the 2019 Maryland States Championship and events in Maryland this fall.

With the return to a high school venue, USBands is able to remain consistent with its renewed commitment to high-quality performance opportunities while remaining affordable for the participating schools.

The Adjudication assignments for the Maryland State Championships, as well as the complete Maryland schedule of events,  have been recently completed, while a few modifications are in the process of being made to the USBands adjudication system for 2019 by the Advisory Council comprised of Directors and Adjudicators.

For Maryland high school bands who still want to perform in large venues, USBands offers performance slots at Navy & Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown and MetLife Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ.


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