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As I sit here in Oxford, PA at #CampCadet collecting my thoughts after a whirlwind time of move-ins and rehearsals, I can report your Cadets of 2019 have successfully completed their first weeks of Spring Training. The spirits are high and there’s an energy around this group of young people that has the whole team flying high!

For those of you who have been around the activity for any length of time, you understand that there is simply no more important period of time to the eventual success of the corps than Spring Training. 

The pale skin, blank dot books and clean sneakers bring with them optimism for the members who are ready to embark on the journey ahead with this most special edition of The Cadets.

The effort, the hard work, and the thousands of repetitions by every level of the corps from the members to the staff to the volunteers exemplify the commitment necessary for success from the first day of tour to Championship night.

But this commitment carries on to you; our esteemed alumni and fan base that has so generously given their support every year to provide for a world-class experience. We’re asking for your support with a Spring Training gift to make it a successful summer beginning TODAY! Make your donation HERE.

DecadeChallenge.pngTo celebrate The Cadets 85th Anniversary and generate financial support for a successful 2019 corps and the generations of Cadets yet to come, we are excited to announce the first-ever Cadets Alumni Decade Challenge as a part of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Membership Campaign.

Originally an idea inspired by recent Alumni of the corps, the young members wanted to challenge the other generations of Cadets to raise money and have fun in supporting the 154 young men and women who continue the tradition of the long maroon line that reaches back to Garfield and the Holy Name Church in 1934. Each decade of Cadets will be pitted against the other decades in a two week, “get-as-many-alumni-to-participate-as-possible” membership drive and help the corps reach the goal of 1,000 donors for the 2019 Campaign.

The best part is we are counting number of alumni participating whether they donate $10 or $10,000. If you’ve donated to the Cadets in the past, we’re asking you for the same commitment or more in 2019 for your donation to help the Cadets reach their goals. Visit to donate!

Youth Education in the Arts is excited to welcome Amy Andrews and Martin Taylor as the newest members of our Board of Directors. Amy and Martin are both Cadet alumni with diverse professional backgrounds and years of experience.

Amy.jpgA senior executive in the US Department of Defense (DoD), Amy Andrews has strong technical leadership experience. She is a strategic leader who excels at developing visions to drive change, especially in the adoption of new technology. She has served in many roles, including technical director, organizational leader, project/product manager and technical expert. She holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

Amy has a passion for developing professionals. She believes in the individual and is an influential mentor and coach. She works to pull the best out of each member of the team.

Amy was introduced to drum corp early having grown up with a parent who marched in a senior drum corps. She spent her younger years with the Toledo Glassman then graduated to The Cadets and marched during their early DCI championship years. She is excited to be a member of the Board of Directors.

Amy is married to Scott and they have three children. They love to be together as a family, exploring the outdoors and enjoying time with friends.

AWCT.pngAWCT Performance Wear and Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) are proud to announce the extension of their partnership as AWCT Performance Wear will continue as the exclusive costume partner for The Cadets color guard and USBands.

Since 2017, AWCT has been the exclusive color guard costuming partner for the 10-Time World Champion Cadets and USBands, the national scholastic music service organization that serves as the sanctioning body for over 130 events and 600 high school music programs each year.

The design staff of The Cadets has been working closely with the team at AWCT to develop their visual identity through the color guard costuming this year for the 2019 production of “Behold.”

“We are extremely pleased to extend our partnership between YEA! and AWCT Performance Wear for the 85th Anniversary season of The Cadets. The quality, creativity and attention to detail that AWCT provides our organization is exceptional. We are delighted to encourage USBands member schools and other music programs to work with AWCT and have the same first-class experience,” said Vicki Ferrence Ray, Executive Director of YEA!

I would like to nominate Sadie Wallace to the Cadets’ Hall of Fame.

As some of you may know Sadie was very influential during our three-peat years of 1983, 1984 and 1985.  She performed many tasks and did whatever was asked of her.  

On a personal note, Sadie covered for me many times. Since I was still living in the Boston area during the winter months, she would teach the guard until I got there. I never had to worry about what she was doing because we were always on the same page. I couldn’t have done it without her!

It is my honor and privilege to nominate Sadie Wallace into the Cadets’ Hall of Fame - 2018.

Sorry, Sadie, it’s 20 years too late, but better late than never!

Peggy Twiggs


I am writing this letter in support of Sadie Wallace’s induction into the Cadets Hall of Fame.

Sadie was a mother figure for all,  tech for the guard, and dance/movement pioneer for the corps and the drum corps world in the 1980s. 

Sadie was always there for all the members.  She worked as an equipment technician as needed.

Sadie cared about the physical bodies of the entire drum corps as programs became more advanced.  She was a pioneer by introducing dance/movement programs as the advancing programs warranted. She fought for time to be sure that the members had time to stretch and maintain good body mechanics.


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