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Application Period: 
Monday, January 13, 2020 to Friday, May 1, 2020
Employment Type: 
Work Location: 
2020 Summer Tour

Assistant Ops Manager Responsibilities: 

The primary responsibility of the AOM is to serve as Lead Housing Coordinator.  Your assigned responsibilities in this role are as follows:

  • Communicate with housing contacts ahead of time to coordinate the arrival time of both the advance vehicle and the corps. Maintain a direct line of communication with the Housing Contact during the corps stay to facilitate all housing related needs.
  • Prior to arrival at the housing sites, research and update The Cadets Band App with housing logistics. This includes maps and parking arrangements for the housing site as well as addresses of nearby grocery stores, urgent care/emergency rooms, hardware stores, and laundromat locations.
  • Ride ahead of the corps to set up housing sites. This includes hanging signs, making sure doors are unlocked, locating access to water and electrical for the kitchen truck, and coordinating a parking plan for corps vehicles. 
  • Communicate housing logistics with the Ops Manager (housing contact information), Lead Cook (Ice Machine location), Volunteers, Drivers and Staff (bathroom and shower locations). Utilize The Cadets Band App chats to distribute information and respond to questions and concerns regarding housing logistics.
  • Complete the DCI Housing Response form for check in and check out of all housing site 
  • Give out a thank you card and small gift to each Housing contact  
  • Ride on the advance vehicle, up at the second block of the day, unless it's a one block day 

The secondary responsibility of the AOM is to assist in day-to-day tour needs along with the Tour Administration team. Your assigned responsibilities in this role are as follows:

  • Assist in overseeing show prep, cleaning up the housing site and leaving for the show on time. 
  • Assist with any issues during warm up including uniform issues, illness, or injury 
  • Assist with walk-on setup for shows (props, podiums, generator, guard equipment/costumes, ladders)
  • Print copies of the daily schedule and driving directions for the drivers, instructional staff and Kitchen staff.  Hand out directions and schedules at show prep. 
  • Assist with projects as assigned by the Tour Manager and Corps Manager. 

Errand Runner Responsibilities

  • Coordinate airport and train/bus station shuttles with the Operations Manager. Many days will include multiple shuttle runs of varying lengths.
  • Coordinate daily food purchases with the Operations Manager and Lead Cook. 
  • Coordinate Urgent Care and Emergency Room shuttles and medical supply purchases with the Corps Manager and Athletic Trainer.
  • Coordinate personal purchases and shuttles for members, staff, and drivers with the Corps Manager and Tour Manager. All personal purchases will be made with cash or a personal debit/credit card provided by the member, staff, or driver in question.
  • Monitor fuel levels of your assigned vehicle and fill up the gas tank in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the filling of auxiliary fuel tanks (premium gas for the front ensemble generators, diesel for the kitchen truck, etc.) with the Operations Manager.
  • Coordinate purchases of other needed supplies (kitchen supplies, prop supplies, uniform supplies, etc.) with the Operations Manager and Corps Director.
  • For all purchases use good judgment and due diligence in pursuit of the best prices for The Cadets.
  • Fill out and submit receipt forms for all Purchasing Card and Gas Card purchases with the Operations Manager.
  • Assist in other driving, clerical and tour-related tasks as requested by Tour Management.
  • Ride on the admin bus, up at the first block of the day, or as required by the day's tasks.
  • You will be assigned an official purchasing card. Prior to receiving this card, you must agree to terms set forth by the accounting department. You will be responsible for the set-up and maintenance of this card per the agreement. 
  • You will be assigned an official Wex Card for all fuel purchases (Gas and Diesel). 

Tour Assistant/Intern Responsibilities

  • Support and assist Tour Management staff with any clerical tasks such as copies, member information and other day-to-day needs.
  • Communicate on a variety of topics to the entire organization
  • Execute daily schedules involving 154 performers, 40 plus support personal 
  • Teach and implement all safety procedures
  • Assist in making sure that the trucks and buses are loaded for an on-time departure from all shows and housing sites. (Equipment Truck, Kitchen Truck, Prop Truck, Member Buses). 
  • Coordinate and attend show warm-up with Caption Heads/Educational Staff (Brass, Percussion or Color Guard)
  • Be present for show prep, show unload and warm-up with your assigned section 
  • Time the distance from the corps entrance gate to your sections warm-up zone. Lead your section to the gate via the quickest route.
  • Make sure that your group is on time and sticking to their warm up schedule. 
  • Communicate any issues to the Operations Manager or Corps Manager including uniform issues, illness, or injury. 
  • Assist with walk-on setup for shows (props, podiums, generator, guard equipment/costumes, ladders)
  • Oversee ice and rehearsal water. Coordinate ice availability and location with the Kitchen Truck volunteers and the Assistant Ops Manager. 
  • Assist with show water (filling water bottles, loading into the refrigerator, filling water coolers, loading onto the buses, taking to warm-up, bringing back to the kitchen truck after the show)
  • During July shows, bring one full water jug to the gate to refill water bottles for after the show
  • Ride on the admin bus, up at first block of the day. 


The position will be structured primarily around the corps’ summer tour and will require travel with The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps. The summer training camp and tour origination point will be in the Philadelphia, PA area. The summer season runs from roughly May 15 to August 10. Ideally, tour admin commit to working the entire twelve-week tour, with one or more pre-arranged multi-day breaks permitted. Exceptional candidates who are only available to work one or more blocks of at least two weeks may be considered. Scheduling flexibility to accommodate serious pre-existing personal or school-related commitments will be applied when possible.


The admin team is a paid position, with tour travel, housing, transportation, and food provided. The successful candidate will be provided transportation to and from the Philadelphia, PA tour origination location.


Please follow this link to submit a short cover letter expressing your experience and interest in the position, resume and references. 

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship, or any other protected status. The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps offers equal opportunity and treatment to all who apply and is committed to diversity. 

The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps requires criminal background checks for all employees, independent contrac­tors, instructional and administrative staff, and interns regardless of whether these are paid or unpaid positions.


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