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Created on Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 11:39:51

With the Covid-19 crisis causing an upheaval for schools, teachers, students, parents, band directors and performance ensembles – we have listened to feedback from the community and made some changes to The SPiN Network:


Due to the need for more distance learning, we have created SPiN Student Accounts.  These accounts are free for students, and allow them to be able to watch content/lessons from their teachers/instructors while being copyright compliant.

Schools/Ensembles/Directors can set up a channel on SPiN for no charge.  Once they set up a channel, each ensemble will be able to send a link to students for them to sign up and be able to watch lessons. 

Here is a link to directions on how to set up a channel and the Student Accounts (


While students/parents/fans are staying at home and unable to practice, perform or watch their bands/ensembles – SPiN is making the month to month all access subscriptions free for at least the next 2 months.

Hopefully being able to watch performances hosted by Bands Of America, USBands, The Ohio Music Educators Association and other schools and organizations will bring some joy during these difficult times.

If your school or organization has archived performances that you want to make available to the public – please go to to set up a free channel and start uploading videos.

Please contact or with any questions.

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