USBands Navigating the Crisis with You

Created on Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020 12:15:52

We are all confronting one of the most extraordinary crises ever. Right now we may feel isolated, uncertain of the future, frustrated, or a host of other emotions. For now, educators like you are making extraordinary efforts to break down the walls of isolation and connect with students to continue their musical and personal growth. As adults - educators and parents - we can look ahead to when students again will come together to express themselves and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow band members, immersed in following their passion for the marching arts. 

The fall marching band season seems distant now; the excitement and enthusiasm of stadiums filled with music, color, pageantry, and smiles seem a million miles away. While we realize nothing will ever be exactly the same, we must remind ourselves that this will end and WE WILL move forward.  After this darkness will come light; and with it the need and desire for arts and connection. There will be a new beginning. A new tomorrow. A raucous celebration of music and color flowing through the practice fields, band rooms, and football fields. USBands intends to stand strong to support the efforts of this work and provide the platforms for young people to engage and create new memories.

Traditionally, Spring is when Summer and Fall plans are set, and final decisions are made in areas from competitive level to budgeting to travel. Still, we know there are more unknowns and many changes yet to come later this Spring and Summer that may impact us this fall. The USBands team will partner with you to continue to provide the best opportunities for your students. We have been planning ahead, hard at work developing alternatives for bands and events should external factors impact your original plans. We are moving forward with plans for a complete fall marching band season, just as we have for the past 32 years.

We will meet bands where they are, whether that means your season looks the way it always has or whether your band chooses to showcase your artistic endeavors without consideration for placement with other groups given the current uncertainty. USBands is here, and our dedication to you and your students remains steadfast.

No matter your competitive or organizational scenario, USBands will provide the right opportunity for your students to have a positive and educationally fulfilling experience. We are presently redefining what has been our Festival class to more fully embrace the bands who want to perform for ratings and commentary only.  Simply put, our obligation and commitment are to provide the best possible experience to all of the students and directors of USBands. We will never stop working toward improving our service to your program and will do everything in our power to ensure that each student, each director, and each band can participate in the manner that best fits their goals for the 2020 fall marching band season.

We were always preparing for 2020 to be a transformative year for USBands. Our goals were to execute the basics better than ever and to create new opportunities to expand the impact of the marching band activity on the tens of thousands of students who participate each year. The crisis of 2020 may have changed many things, but unchanged is our renewed commitment to the mission of supporting young people in their pursuit of magnificence

As always, let us know if there is anything we can do for you, your students, and your program. You can reach us anytime at

USBands.  Band for all of US.

The USBands Team


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