New Performance Class for Fall 2020

Created on Saturday, 02 May 2020 11:08:34

While our hearts and minds are with everyone in this time of crisis and uncertainty, USBands understands there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and believes that light will bring with it the joy of music played by young people across our communities and around our nation. When we are once again able to assemble, many things will be different, but USBands will stand ready with new ideas and new ways for us for share in the spirit of music made by many, as one.

With the input of many directors, adjudicators and advisors, the USBands team will be announcing various new band-friendly policies and guidelines for individual programs. These policies will allow programs to act in their best interest, provide for the safety of the students, staff and parents as well as adhere to federal, state, municipal, school district and individual school criteria for the coming fall.

The first of these announcements is the adoption of the all-new “USBands Performance Class” for bands in the 2020-2021 school year. USBands understands music programs will be impacted in many ways including fundraising, recruiting, rehearsal time and band camp.

Additionally, the Performance Class allows for music program who do not choose to compete  to participate in a more substantive experience and engaging evaluation platform rather than the current Festival Class. The USBands Performance Class offers evaluation, commentary and critique associated with traditional adjudication, but will not have an announced score or placement.

What YOU Need to Know

• New Performance Class for 2020

• Non-competitive format with unpublished scores, commentary and critique

• Opportunity for high performing A & Open Class bands to begin the 2020 season

• Entirely NEW experience for bands at all level of proficiency to have a more engaging educational experience in a non-competitive environment

New adjudication sheets have been crafted for the Performance Class as it aligns with the familiar A, Open and Festival Classes. Programs will have the opportunity to appear in the Performance Class for part of all of the based on the educational goals of their program. All appearances in Performance Class will be counted toward the seeding for any State or National Championship event and Performance Class participation will be welcome at all Championship level events.

The option to perform in the Performance Class will be open to bands at any time during the 2020 season. The USBands team understands the impact of the current pandemic may cause more bands to choose this option than might in an “ordinary” year. Bands may choose to begin their season in this class and move to A or Open later. Depending on when schools are able to resume activity and rehearsals can begin, the USBands team is looking at options that may utilize the Performance Class for all bands in all shows for the first part of the season. USBands will update guidance as time passes and policies are made regarding school activities for the Summer and Fall.A goal in developing the Performance Class has been incorporating the adjudication community into the planning to ensure the quality and content of the commentary and critique for the bands performing in this class. Of note, the same five-person adjudication system will remain in place, with a retooling of the sheets so they are applicable to Performance Schools. 

Watch for more details about the Performance Class to be announced in the coming weeks along with information regarding the roll out of this exciting new opportunity in the 2020 schedule. If you have any questions regarding the Performance Class, please contact USBands at

For bands that would like to enroll in 2020 fall events, you can do so at


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