Meet The 2019 Cadets Color Guard Staff

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We are pleased to introduce the 2019 color guard staff for The Cadets! Sam Watson will return for his second season as Caption Head and tenth year involved as a staff member of the corps. After aging out with The Cadets in 2009, Sam has continued his color guard career as an instructor with the Carmel High School color guard program, which he has been a part of since the fall of 2013. An everyday member of their team, Sam enjoys his time spent coaching and instructing the fall guard, World Guard, and “A” Guard.

You can read more about Sam and the rest of the color guard staff by clicking their names below:

Sam Watson: Caption Head
Christy Hobby: On-site Manager
Brandon Smith: Movement Instructor
Lexy Holland-Albaugh: Instructor
Madison Adcock: Instructor
Alyssa Citero: Instructor
Armando Loney: Instructor
Abby MacLeay: Instructor
CU7A3678.5Kristin Shatzer: Instructor
Tyler Smith: Instructor
Michael Zablocki: Instructor
Kelly Young: Guest Clinician
Adam Sage: Color Guard Designer, Visual Coordinator


With the vast majority of the instructional staff returning for the 2019 season, Sam said, "Continuity is key! Keeping the majority of guard staff consistent for 2019 is a conscious choice to build upon the work we accomplished in 2018. Last summer we laid a strong foundation for the members based on education and performance. This year we'll continue to expound that curriculum and chemistry. The handful of new technicians were selected based on their passion for education and their diverse experiences in the activity. I like to believe that we are always striving to have great educators standing in front of the guard. It's important to give young and thriving instructors the room to share their gifts with this generation of Cadets."

In addition to the instructional staff, Sam has put together a team of choreographers to craft a different look for the guard in 2019. This group of creative minds is working make something unique to the upcoming season which will enhance what the CBCCG brings to the field. The passionate and innovative perspective they bring to the team is not something to be overlooked. 

CU7A3648.2With such exciting prospects on the horizon for the upcoming season, we are happy to take a moment to look back at the history many of our instructors have with the corps, and what makes them different.

"This guard staff is so special to me for many reasons," said Sam Watson. "One is our diversity. We pool from all over the country. Tampa to Indianapolis. Boston to Riverside, and everywhere in-between. We also span a wide range of ages. Twenty-one, to well... not twenty-one. Half of the guard staff grew up breathing nothing-but-the-Cadets from the inside, and the other half falling in love with the corps from the stands. Our love for the corps and "The Cadets" values are the common denominator for the team. We are unique in our passions, humor, and joie de vivre!"

With audition camps right around the corner, the 2019 color guard staff is already hard at work to bring the CBCCG to fruition over the upcoming months. Over the winter months, you can catch staff members at the audition experience weekends, camps and providing feedback for video auditions. Excited to put their educational experience to use, every member of the staff doubles as a coach, instructor or teacher when they're not with the drum corps. They are thrilled to help the guard continue to grow in their pursuit of excellence!

Want to meet the 2019 color guard staff? Register for auditions now by clicking here. 

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