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IMG 1711 copyWe are thrilled to introduce you to the 2019 percussion staff with Tom Aungst returning as Caption Head! Tom has been the Percussion Caption Head since rejoining the staff in 2017, however, his history with the corps stretches across several decades. In 1981 Tom became involved with The Cadets, first as a member from 1981-1984, then as the Percussion Arranger and Caption Head through 2008 and later returning as a consultant in 2013. While with the corps, Tom was involved with capturing nine championships and seven percussion awards. Mr. Aungst has always remained actively involved in the drum corps activity, recently writing for the Cadets2 corps in 2013, and working with various groups like the Carolina Crown, Blue Stars, Pacific Crest, Hawthorne Caballeros, and the Connecticut Hurricanes. Tom is a member of The Cadets, Drum Corps International, World Drum Corps and the WGI Halls of Fame. 

"The 2019 percussion Cadet staff is an amazing group of diverse teachers with a variety of experiences," said Tom. "Some staff members have been involved with drum corps spanning decades, others come with fresh and new ideas. Each person brings a unique talent and marching experience that will make the 2019 Cadets one to remember.  In my opinion, they are some of the top educators in the marching percussion activity."

To read more about Tom and the members of his staff, click their names below!

Tom Aungst: Caption Head
Jacob Gall: Battery Coordinator/Instructor
Lee Beddis: Battery Coordinator
Paul Nalesnik: Instructor
Alan Aungst: Instructor
Sarah Fabian: Instructor
Joe Ciancimino: Instructor
TJ Goss: Instructor
Jeff Carmona: Instructor

Front Ensemble
Luis Rivera Carrero: Caption Supervisor
Matt Wyckoff: Instructor
Rick Stetson: Instructor
Aaron Locklear: Instructor


IMG 3872

So what can you expect from the staff in 2019?

"After each drum corps season I try to reflect and think about things that need improving," Tom said. "The best way to grow as a program is to expand and find staff who have different experiences outside of The Cadets, but at the same time understand the importance of working together as a team. I'm very excited about the additional percussion staff and what new ideas they can bring to the table. We have been working extremely hard in the off-season 

preparing for the 2019 Cadets. We have added some key design people and teachers that should prove to bring a new look but at the same time vintage Cadets.  Our expectations are very high for 2019.  We are excited to bring the drum corps community a tradition of excellence and a version of The Cadets that people will enjoy and remember."

The percussion staff will work closely with the design team to build the 2019 program. You can find additional information on all of our designers below.

Darcie Aungst: Program Coordinator
Drew Shanefield: Brass Designer
Adam Sage: Color Guard Designer, Visual Coordinator
Bobby Jones: Drill Designer
Neil Larrivee: Percussion Consultant
Tom Aungst: Battery Designer
Omar Carmenates: Front Ensemble Designer


If you're interested in joining The Cadets to learn from this outstanding group of educators, click here to sign up for an audition camp. 

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