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The Cadets Hall of Fame Nomination Process

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Key 2017 Dates

March 6: Nomination period begins. Alumni may submit letters of nomination via email to Committee Chairman Jim Zulick at .
March 31: Final day for alumni to submit a letter of nomination.

April 10: Nominees are announced. Letters of support may be submitted via email. Each nomination must be supported by additional letters describing the nominee's qualifications. Anyone is welcome to submit letters of support!
April 27: Final day for the public to submit letters of support.
April 30: Class of 2017 finalists are announced at The Cadets' camp. Additional letters of support may be submitted for finalist candidates.

May 10: Due date for final letters of support
May 15: Committee votes to select the three members of the Hall of Fame Class of 2017
May 20: Class of 2017 announced live at Cadets Community Performance in Johnstown, Pa. following the first full rehearsal of Spring Training
July 1: Special presentation of Class of 2017 inductees at the Day of Cadets in Clifton, N.J. as a part of the Hall of Fame Celebration and Cadets Kickoff
July 2: Special recognition of Class of 2017 inductees at The Cadets' Drum Corps: An American Tradition event in Clifton, N.J.
August 3: Class of 2017 Recognition Ceremony at the DCI Tour of Champions event at Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, Pa.



Criteria for Nomination

Nominations MUST be submitted by The Cadets alumni; however, anyone may submit subsequent letters of support for nominated candidates.

Nominees MUST have been members, instructional staff, support staff  or volunteers of The Cadets (this includes quartermasters, drivers, parents, cooks, etc.).

Nominations must be made in the form of a letter describing the candidate’s qualifications. Letters of nomination may be submitted via e-mail to The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee Chairman, Jim Zulick, at .

No more than one nomination per year will be accepted from each individual.

Once all nominations have been submitted, all nominees will be posted on The Cadets' website,, and the Hall of Fame Committee will begin accepting and reviewing letters of support.

Each nomination MUST be supported by additional support letters describing the nominee’s qualifications. Anyone is welcome to submit letters of support!

Groups are NOT eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

For more information on The Cadets Hall of Fame, please contact Committee Chairman Jim Zulickat .

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