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Take if From a Cadet - Meet Emily

Becoming a Cadet is an amazing, life changing experience, but don't take it from us.

It's not too late to do more and be more with The Cadets: we still have select positions available for the 2017 season. We're currently seeking two tuba players and one trumpet, as well as young men and women for the color guard. Our final audition camp for the color guard is April 28-30, and we want to see you! To register to audition for the color guard, tuba positions or trumpet position, check out, You can also email our Director of Recruitment, Daniel Fish, at

There's nothing like being a Cadet, and there's no better person to tell you why you should be a Cadet than a Cadet. Meet Emily Mayerson, a member of The Cadets in 2016 and a featured member on Clash of the Corps. Emily's passion and determination earned her a contract with the corps of her dreams.

"My junior year of high school, my color guard director suggested that a group of us go watch The Cadets because they were in town. I'd never heard of drum corps, let alone The Cadets, but we gave it a shot and went. I didn't realize that moment would turn into something that changed my life forever. In 2014, I decided to go to the November camp. I knew it was a long shot but I had to see if my dream would ever be a reality. I wasn't ready for the 2014 season, and I left eager to try again the next year and started to save up money for tuition. In 2015, I auditioned again, and although it went well that time, I didn't have the funds to march and I was heartbroken. Finally, in 2016, I received a contract at the November camp and I had saved enough money to pay all of my tour fees early. After I signed my contract, it took a few weeks to set in that my dream was about to come true. I worked so hard to become a Cadet because I know that I am a Cadet at heart. I couldn't see myself marching at any other organization other than The Cadets and I couldn't be prouder to represent maroon and gold. The Cadets are home to me.

The way The Cadets experience impacted my life is immeasurable. I think about my time on tour every day and how I wish I could go back to living in a seat with my best friend and working so hard every day in different states, all for the same goal; to be great. I used to laugh when people said tour changes you, but I get it now; it's all a mental game and I am so much stronger thanks to The Cadets.

If you're on the fence about marching you should just go for it! If you work hard, you can do anything you put your mind to. I got to live out my dream of performing in finals at Lucas Oil Stadium and hearing them say, "From Allentown, Pennsylvania, The Cadets!" There's no way that you shouldn't get to feel that rush too. It's the best feeling in the world. 

The Cadets are a family, and it is truly a beautiful thing to fight all day, every day through blood, sweat and tears in the burning sun with your brothers and sisters, to know that you are stronger and better than the day before." 

Meet the 2017 Hall of Fame Committee

As we draw closer to the 2017 season, we also begin the process of inducing another class to The Cadets Hall of Fame. This year, the Hall of Fame Committee consists of many of the faces we know and love, some of them taking on new roles. This year Jim Zulick will take on the role of Committee Chairman, a position previously held by Greg Cinzio.

"It's an honor to help facilitate the recognition of the amazing individuals that have been a part of The Cadets' rich history," Jim said. "Serving on a committee with so many members fo the Hall of Fame is in itself quite humbling, too."

The Hall of Fame committee will begin accepting applications for the 2017 Class on March 6. Nominations must be submitted by an alumni of The Cadets, however anyone may submit subsequent letters of support for nominated candidates. Nominations must be made in the form of a letter describing the candidate's qualifications. Letters of nomination may be submitted by email to Committee Chairman, Jim Zulick, at . For the full 2017 Hall of Fame submission timeline and more information on how you can make a nomination, click here.


Cadets Hall of Fame Committee

Jack Day

Dave Dumont

Christen Flemming

Dave Helms
Class of 2013

George Lea

Jim Messina
Class of 2016

Rich McGarry
Class of 2011

Ashley Pittman

Jeff Sacktig
Class of 2008

Ken Samara

Judy Ulchinsky
1969 Color Guard, Class of 2009

Andy Warntz

Jim Zulick, Chairman

Caitlin Kasper, Secretary

George Hopkins, Advisor
Class of 2002


Home Show Tickets on Sale Now


We love early birds and the best seats are already selling fast for some of The Cadets biggest home drum corps shows of the summer. 

Here's the amazing line-up of events for this summer. 

Friday, June 30 - Allentown, PA
Featuring: The Cadets, Crossmen, Spirit of Atlanta, Jersey Surf, Genesis
Buy Allentown Tickets

Sunday, July 2 - Clifton, NJ
Featuring: The Cadets, Carolina Crown, Crossmen, Colts, Spirit of Atlanta, Jersey Surf, Raiders, 7th Regiment
Buy Clifton Tickets

Tuesday, August 1 - Annapolis, MD
Featuring: The Cadets, Blue Devils, Madison Scouts, The Academy, Spirit of Atlanta, Jersey Surf, Pioneer, Cadets2
Buy Annapolis Tickets

Wednesday, August 2 - Harrison, NJ

Featuring: The Cadets, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, Boston Crusaders, Spirit of Atlanta, Jersey Surf
Buy Harrison Tickets

Thursday, August 3 - Tour of Champions - Chester, PA
Featuring: The Cadets, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Crossmen, Cadets2
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Order your tickets today and you will get the best seats in the house!

The Cadets and Cadets2 are Here to be Home

The Cadets and Cadets2 are here to be your home. Both corps focus on the mission to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts. We want to invite you be a part of our family by auditioning with our corps.

Select positions are still available with The Cadets and Cadets2 is looking to add to their 2016 Championship corps. The corps' are looking for the following positions:

The Cadets
Two Tubas
One Trumpet
Color Guard

Lead Trumpets
One to Two Tenors
Color Guard

It's not too late to register to audition for The Cadets and Cadets2 color guards, and they want to see you at an April camp! Check out the dates for our upcoming camps and mark your calendars for your audition.

Cadets2 Brass and Percussion Camps
March 11 - 12
April 8 - 9

The Cadets Full Corps, Cadets2  Color Guard Camp
April 28 - 30

Cadets2 Full Corps
May 6 - 7

Questions about auditioning? Check out The Cadets and Cadets2 at or email us at .

Click here to register to audition and become a part of our family!

Cadets Camp Recap Feb. 24

This weekend The Cadets held camp for the brass and vocal sections, returning to their usual location of Hopewell Valley Central High School in Pennington, N.J. This was the last camp until the end of April, where the percussion and color guard will also be present. 

The brass played through the entirety of the show, and worked on blending and incorporating the vocal portion of the show. Dee Walker, the Vocal Instructor for the 2017 season, worked tirelessly with staff and members to pin down exactly how the vocal component would progress heading towards move-ins and Spring Training. 

A HopTalk on Saturday night focused on the "because" in member's lives, and drove home the important aspect of what they need to do on a personal level to get ready for the 2017 season. Many members chose to share obstacles they were facing in an opportunity to build unity before the corps even steps on to a field. 

"We have tons and tons to do," said Director George Hopkins. "You folks have heart, and if we can teach with joy combined with intensity, if we can keep you looking to the end goal, and if we can put BECAUSE in the past and simply DO, well, it's pretty damn special."

It's not too late to audition for The Cadets Color Guard. You can still register to audition at our April camp at

Tune in for Hoptalks Sundays at 8pm!

YEA! and The Cadets are excited to announce a the return of the weekly webinar series, Hoptalk hosted by George Hopkins! Hop is the CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and the Director of The Cadets  since 1983. This special weekly broadcast will cover The Cadets' design, USBands judging, biographical tidbits and stories, C2 activity, insight to the challenges and ideas on band shows, drum corps, instruments, adjudication and much much more. Some sessions will include a special guest, some will be on location, some will center on band, some on drum corps, and some will discuss the workings of non-profits.

Hopkins will share materials and then take questions from the audience. We hope that these sessions will fall on the same day each week but that is difficult with rehearsals, meetings, indoor and travel.We hope for these sessions to be presented over the entire year including the summer. 

The first episode of "Hoptalk" will be Sunday, February 19th at 8pm EST. Sessions will be LIVE on The Cadets Facebook page, as well as on Hopkins own page! Yes indeed, simulcast is the plan! All you have to do is tune in! More info will be forthcoming. 


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