Cadets Announce Change in 2016 Program

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In a video announcement on Wednesday morning, March 16, The Cadets Director George Hopkins announced some developments in the corps' 2016 program and a change to the show's title which is now, Awakening.

Originally entitled, Stoned, the idea was simply that statues would come to life throughout the course of the program, which would feature the music of Ottorino Respighi's Pines of Rome.

"As we've continued to grow the idea, the statues are still in place, but we're delving a little deeper," Hopkins said. "Now, they are meant to represent human beings in a world where people are afraid to come out, be themselves and enter society."

Hopkins said the idea began to evolve when he went to see Alvin Ailey in New York City in December, and the show featured music by John Mackey, namely, "Turning" and "Wine Dark Sea."

"It was prettty interesting and very impactful," he said. "After I left, I thought a lot about what we were doing, called some design meetings, and we decided to shift the focus a bit."

In Awakening, The Cadets will portray statues that attempt to come to life, but they are met with resistance.

"It's tough for them to enter society, and it's tough for people in the world, too," Hopkins said.

This sub-level concept is where The Cadets Design Team hopes to add intrigue and depth to the program.

"I think we can get a little more personal with this idea," Hopkins continued. "It allows us to impact our audience not only the first time they see us, but continue to draw them in the second, third and fourth times as well. We want people to want to come back and see The Cadets again."

The Cadets' repertoire has also shifted to match the new concept and will now include Respighi's, "The Pines of Appian Way" and "The Pines of the Villa Borghese," as well as John Mackey's "Turning" and "Wine Dark Sea."

"The music is much more tense, much more atonal and certainly very, very emotional. We plan to maximaize that as much as we possibly can," Hopkins said.

Hear more from Hop in our latest update on The 2016 Cadets:


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