2015 Section Leaders

Cadets section leaders 2015

The members of The Cadets are many of the brightest, most talented and most dedicated young people in the marching arts activity today, and it takes a team of truly special young men and women to lead such an outstanding group.

Our section leaders are chosen for their abilities to lead their peers by example and embody the ideals of this corps' long-standing tradition of excellence. Get to know the leaders of The 2015 Cadets below, and stay tuned for feature stories on each of them throughout the month of December!

Drum Majors

All three drum majors from the 2014 season will be returning for 2015. Kendall Stevenson, originally a flute player from Texas, enters her second season as head drum major and her third as a Cadet, having served as a field conductor in 2013.

This will be Katy Boggs' second summer as a Cadets drum major and her fourth as a Cadet. Also a flute player, Katy learned baritone to play in the inaugural Cadets2 Hornline in 2012, where she quickly rose to the position of section leader. In 2013, she served as the head drum major of Cadets2.

MK Raplinger came to The Cadets in 2014 and spent her first summer with the corps as a drum major. This will be her second year as a Cadet.


Allison Pryor has been a Cadet for a remarkable six years, having started out as a mellophone player in 2010. For her age-out summer in 2015, Allison returns for her second season as horn sergeant and her fourth as a section leader.

2015 marks Bass Deese's second year as the trumpet section leader and his fourth as a Cadet. He has performed several solos, most noteably the main theme of "Appalachian Spring" in Promise: An American Portrait.

Dan Pfeiffer joins the leadership team this year as the mellophone section leader. Fans may know him as the mellophone soloist on the stage in The Cadets' 2014 program.

Jamie McDonald will also be a first-year leader of the Baritone Section this year. 2015 will be his second and final summer as a Cadet. Prior to Cadets, he marched with Spirit of Atlanta in 2012 and 2013. Jamie is a music education major with a minor in audio engineering and production at Western Carolina University.

Tom Keane will lead the Tuba Section in 2015.


Patrick McHale and Jack Bounds have been named the co-section leaders of the snare line for 2015.

Sean Geckler returns this summer for his second year in the QB. He will lead the quad line with fellow section leader Rob Rocheteau this summer.

Jakub Wala will lead Holy Bass in 2015.

Front Ensemble

Kirsti Pugsley is from Orleans, Mass. and has been participating in indoor and outdoor marching programs for 12 years. She started marching with The Cadets in 2013 as a vibraphone player in the CPit, and this will be her third summer with the corps.

2015 will be Riley Warren's first year as section leader and last year on the field. He began his Cadets career in 2014 as a member of the CPit.

Color Guard

Laney Duskin returns for her third year as a guard captain and her fifth as a Cadet.

Kelsey "Peaches" King joins the leadership team in 2015 for her fourth Cadets tour.

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