The Cadets Staff


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Select a staff member's name to read about their role with The Cadets, drum corps history and occupation.


Scott Litzenberg: Director
João Paulo Castro: Corps Manager
Lauren Davis: Tour Manager
Denise Bonfiglio: Staff Coordinator

Kendall LeJune: Leadership Consultant
Cheryl Rodgers: Volunteer Coordinator


Darcie Aungst: Program Coordinator
Drew Shanefield: Brass Arranger/Music Coordinator 
Adam Sage: Color Guard Designer/Visual Coordinator
Bobby Jones: Visual Designer

Neil Larrivee: Front Ensemble Facilitator
Tom Aungst: Battery Designer/Program Facilitator/Caption Manager
Omar Carmenates: Front Ensemble Arranger
Brandon Carrita: Audio Arranger




Drew Shanefield: Arranger, Caption Supervisor
Branden Hill: Caption Manager
Aaron Witek: Assistant Caption Manager
Marc Whitlock: Brass Advisor
Dan Berard: Lead Instructor
Scott Whitford: Instructor
Derrell Wallace: Instructor
DiaShamar Marshall: Instructor
Jason Rinehart: Instructor
Selena Maytum: Instructor
Nick Franck: Instructor
Joe Busuito: Instructor
Ray Henricksen: Instructor
Matthew Tichy: Instructor
Nate Holland: Instructor


Color Guard

Sam Watson: Caption Manager
Christy Hobby: On-site Manager
Adam Dalton: Choreographer
Brandon Smith: Choreographer
Darren Mickens: Choreographer
Michael James: Choreographer
Lexy Holland-Albaugh: Instructor
Madison Adcock: Instructor
Alyssa Citero: Instructor
Armando Loney: Instructor
Abby MacLeay: Instructor
Kristin Shatzer: Instructor
Tyler Smith: Instructor
Michael Zablocki: Instructor
Kelly Young: Guest Clinician



Chris Johnston: Caption Manager
Dustin Del Moro: Assistant Caption Manager
Jeff Young: Movement & Education Specialist
Vincent Thomas: Movement Specialist

Wes Bullock: Performance Specialist
Wayne Harris: Performance Specialist
Tom Andrews: Performance Specialist
Jon Bilby
: Instructor
Julian Johnson: Instructor

Andrew Gaskill: Instructor
Alex Cardona: Instructor
Patrick McGehee: Instructor
Tom Eder: Instructor
Scott Tanner: Instructor
Daniel Del Moro: Instructor
David Meeks: Instructor
Peter Inglett: Instructor, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist




Jacob Gall: Caption Manager
Lee Beddis: Battery Coordinator

Paul Nalesnik: Instructor
Alan Aungst: Instructor
Sarah Fabian: Instructor
Joe Ciancimino: Instructor

TJ Goss: Instructor
Jeff Carmona: Instructor
Mike Dow: Instructor



Front Ensemble

Luis Rivera Carrero: Caption Manager
Matt Wyckoff: Instructor
Rick Stetson: Instructor

Aaron Locklear: Instructor



Brandon Carrita: Audio Arranger
Evan Brown
: Audio Systems Consultant

Reed Kimmel: Audio Engineer
Dom Pollazo: Audio Engineer


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