image1Darren Mickens
Choreographer, The Cadets

Darren Mickens joins the 2019 staff as a choreographer and is excited to bring a wealth of marching and teaching experience to The Cadets. From 2005 - 2012, Darren was a member of groups on both WGI and DCI stages, including Etude Independent, Phantom Regiment Winterguard, Zydeco Independent, the Pride of Cincinnati, and Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle.

He has spent several years as an educator and choreographer for many programs in the Midwest and Texas, including Avon High School, Dripping Springs High School, Decatur Central High School, Allegoria and Etude Winterguards and Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps.

Darren just finished his 5th season with Legends Drum and Bugle Corps as a choreographer and designer, and currently is on staff with Walnut Hills High School, William Mason High School, Juxtaposition, as well as local area schools around Ohio.

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