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Take it From Cadets2 - Meet Armon

Becoming a member of the Cadets2 family is an amazing, life changing experience, but don't take it from us.

It's not too late to do more and be more with Cadets2: we still have positions available for the 2017 season. We're currently seeking tubas, lead trumpets, baritones, one or two tenors, as well as young men and women for the color guard. Our final audition camp for the color guard is April 28-30, and we want to see you! To find our full schedule and register for one of our remaining positions, check out, You can also email our Director of Recruitment, Daniel Fish, at

There's nothing like being a member of Cadets2, and there's no better person to tell you why you should be a member than a member. Meet Armon Raygani, a four year member of Cadets2 and one of our drum majors in 2015 and 2016. His hard work and dedication at Cadets2 was an integral part of his  growth as a person.

"Hi everyone! My name is Armon and I just finished my fourth and final summer marching Cadets2. A lot of people are often scared to take the first step to audition so I wanted to share my story in hopes of encouraging some of you to audition.

My first two summers, I played the mellophone, the 2015 summer as co-drum major and this past summer I got to lead the corps as head drum major. When I came to Cadets2, I had no money, had never marched before, and did not know what a mellophone was. It's very safe to say I had no business being there. But, I decided two weeks before my first camp to come and audition, so I borrowed a mellophone from my high school and learned how to play some scales. After my first camp, they let me stay so long as I promised to keep improving. Needless to say, my first season was rough. I got called out on almost every. single. rep. I was the tick of the corps. I worked on marching and playing every day, and I remember then standing in a line for food before a show in August, and one of our techs complimented me saying how at the beginning of the season, he didn't think I would last the summer, and then I became one of the strongest marchers in the hornline. That compliment motivated me to march another season on mellophone in 2014. After that season, Gino, our brass caption head at the tie, and Hop asked me to come back as drum major for the following summer. I gladly accepted, and finished in 2nd place in 2015. For 2016, I was offered the keys to the convertible again, and let the corps as head drum major for the first championship run in the history of the corps with my team, Daniel and Andrew.

To get to my point: it may seem unobtainable right now, but if you TRULY want to march drum corps to become a drum major for a corps, you NEED to get in and audition! You need to put yourself out there and seek the opportunity, because if you don't, you will never get where you want to be. I got to where I did because I worked every single day on becoming better. I took baby steps in the beginning which led me to a dream role and a championship ring. Whatever your excuse is; money, time, ability, your name it, you can overcome it.

With that said, I invite you to join Cadets2 at our next camp on March 11-12.  Whether or not you attend a camp could drastically affect the course of your life. If I had never attended my first camp, I would be a completely different person and my life would have taken a worse turn. Take the leap. Decide to be great. 

I hope to be a useful resource to everyone as you set forth on your journey with the corps. Good luck!"

C2 Drum Major Marches in Rose Parade

Cadets2 Drum Major Andrew Morrison had the chance to march with the Bands of America Honor Band at the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, being one of only two students from New Jersey. 

Andrew said, "I knew going out to California for the Rose Parade I would be representing all of YEA! I often wore my corps jacket or any other merch representing the corps. I made sure to not only perform to the best of my ability but to act and treat others with the highest class like any Cadet would. I wanted anyone who had an interaction with me to see what kind of people came out of our organization."

While Andrew is a drum major with Cadets2, he played the saxophone while he marched with the BOA Honor Band. Andrew was also the drum major at Watchung Hills Regional High School and this was the first time he has marched as a member since 2014. "As drum major it's easy to ask people to put 110% in every rep without doing it. This week I made it a goal to perform every rep to the best of my ability and I did that. It makes me feel more confident as a leader that I can ask people to always put 110% in every rep without being a hypocrite."

The BOA Honor Band not only marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade with the famous 110 degree column turn onto Colorado Boulevard, they also performed at the Bandfest event with the group United Sound. United Sound is is an organization that helps to provide music education for students with special needs by using student mentors to help teach a student one a week how to play an instrument. 

"We had 10 students from United Sound perform with us on a variety of instruments. What made it even more special was the fact that the theme of this year's parade was "Mentorship." When United Sound was explained to the audience, the band played a beautiful arrangement of You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and there wasn't a dry eye in the stands. It was very emotional," said Andrew. 


How Often do You Get to Join a World Champion Corps?

In 2016, Cadets2 won the DCA World Championship.

Just five years after their first appearance ever, the corps had an excellent season, a tremendous last three weeks, and were awarded the Championship, besting some perennial fabulous organizations including the Reading Buccaneers, the Minnesota Brass and the Hawthorne Caballeros. 

As we begin to prepare for 2017, we have some brass and guard openings. 

Interested in helping them defend their title in 2017? The next rehearsals are January 14-15 at Daniel Boone High School in Birdsboro, NJ.

Come and audition, there is a good chance you will make it if you have the energy, the enthusiasm and the commitment to be a champion.

Want to know more? Go to or email Dan Fish at .

The Cadets and Cadets2 are Here to be Home

The Cadets and Cadets2 are here to be your home. Both corps focus on the mission to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts. We want to invite you be a part of our family by auditioning with our corps. 

Select positions are still available with The Cadets and Cadets2 is looking to add to their 2016 Championship corps. The corps' are looking for the following positions:

The Cadets
Two Tubas
One Trumpet
Color Guard

Lead Trumpets
One to Two Tenors
Color Guard

It's not too late to register to audition for The Cadets and Cadets2 color guards, and they want to see you at an April camp! Check out the dates for our upcoming camps and mark your calendars for your audition.

Cadets2 Brass and Percussion Camps
March 11 - 12
April 8 - 9

The Cadets Full Corps, Cadets2  Color Guard Camp
April 28 - 30

Cadets2 Full Corps
May 6 - 7

Questions about auditioning? Check out The Cadets and Cadets2 at or email us at .

Click here to register to audition and become a part of our family!

Cadets/Cadets2 Seek Quad Players

The Cadets and Cadets2 are looking to add more quad players to their lines. Not only will you be a part of years of history and championships, you'll learn from some of the very best staff in drum corps today. Meet Tom Aungst, the Percussion Supervisor for The Cadets and Dave Dumont, the Percussion Supervisor for Cadets2.

Tom Aungst, The Cadets
Tom Aungst has also been involved in the drum corps activity for over 36 years. Tom recently returned to The Cadets as the Caption Supervisor and Arranger for the 2017 season. He was formerly the Caption Head for Carolina Crown in 2015 and 2016. In 1981, Tom became involved with The Cadets, first as a member from 1981-1984, then as the Percussion Arranger and Caption Supervisor through 2008 and later returning as a consultant in 2013. While with the corps, Tom was involved with capturing nine championships and seven percussion awards. Mr. Aungst has always remained actively involved in the drum corps activity, recently writing for the Cadets2 corps in 2013, and working with various groups like the Blue Stars, Pacific Crest, and the Connecticut Hurricanes. Tom is a member of The Cadets, Drum Corps International and the WGI Halls of Fame.

Dave Dumont, Cadets2
Dave Dumont's teaching career began in 2008 with the Hawthorne Caballeros as a percussion technician. He was then promoted to Battery Coordinator and Arranger in 2009 and held that position through 2010. In 2011, Dave was the Co-Caption Head and Arranger for the Connecticut Hurricanes. Dave is currently the Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger at Norwalk High School in Norwalk, CT. He helped lead them to back to back WGI PSO medals in 2014 and 2015. In addition to Norwalk, he held several Connecticut high school marching band instructing and arranging positions, including Trumbull High School, who earned back to back WGI PSO medals in 2008 and 2009. 

So what are you waiting for? Register to audition and learn from the best educators drum corps has to offer! Click here to register! 


Here's a little sneak peek at what the Cadets2 quads will be working on this summer! 

Still Haven't Found the Right Fit?

Sometimes when you audition for another corps it's just no the best fit, and we're here to make it right. That's why we're offering half priced registration for our January camp with proof of attendance at another corps' camp.

The Cadets are hosting their next camp January 6-8 in Pennington, NJ at Hopewell Valley Central High School.

We still have openings for a tom player, men and women interested in joining the color guard, and excellent brass players. To date, we have only handed out 44 of 70 brass contracts, which means we're still conducting call backs and we're still auditioning for those positions. We're getting close to finalizing the corps; it's time you get to camp.

Still have questions about auditioning? Check out or email us at

Click here to register to audition. 

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