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C2 Drum Major Marches in Rose Parade

Cadets2 Drum Major Andrew Morrison had the chance to march with the Bands of America Honor Band at the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, being one of only two students from New Jersey. 

Andrew said, "I knew going out to California for the Rose Parade I would be representing all of YEA! I often wore my corps jacket or any other merch representing the corps. I made sure to not only perform to the best of my ability but to act and treat others with the highest class like any Cadet would. I wanted anyone who had an interaction with me to see what kind of people came out of our organization."

While Andrew is a drum major with Cadets2, he played the saxophone while he marched with the BOA Honor Band. Andrew was also the drum major at Watchung Hills Regional High School and this was the first time he has marched as a member since 2014. "As drum major it's easy to ask people to put 110% in every rep without doing it. This week I made it a goal to perform every rep to the best of my ability and I did that. It makes me feel more confident as a leader that I can ask people to always put 110% in every rep without being a hypocrite."

The BOA Honor Band not only marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade with the famous 110 degree column turn onto Colorado Boulevard, they also performed at the Bandfest event with the group United Sound. United Sound is is an organization that helps to provide music education for students with special needs by using student mentors to help teach a student one a week how to play an instrument. 

"We had 10 students from United Sound perform with us on a variety of instruments. What made it even more special was the fact that the theme of this year's parade was "Mentorship." When United Sound was explained to the audience, the band played a beautiful arrangement of You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and there wasn't a dry eye in the stands. It was very emotional," said Andrew. 



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