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A Turning Point

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On a cold, winter morning in February of 2012 things looked bleak for Cadets2.

The organization had held four camps, and the turn-out from members had been ok, but this new sibling to the then defending DCI World Champion Cadets was struggling, and at a turning point in its young life.

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C2 DCA World Championship Recap: Finals



Cadets2 closed out the most successful season in their four-year history with a second place finish at the DCA World Championships Finals by scoring 96.33 on Sunday, Sept. 6 in Rochester, N.Y. Cadets2 also received the awards for Best Color Guard and Best Visual captions.

The corps completed a five-day World Championship weekend with rehearsals and performances at Daniel Boone H.S. in Birdsboro, Pa. before traveling to Rochester for the Championships. 

Corps Director George Hopkins said, "The Cadets2 members were spectacular with a special shout out to the guard - a tremendous performance. It's been thrilling to be a part of thie ride. Great job teachers, admin and volunteers and of course, the members. Awesome!" 

The results for the DCA World Championship Finals are as follows:

1. Buccaneers 97.58

2. Cadets2 96.33 Best Color Guard and Visual

3. Minnesota Brass 95.40

4. Caballeros 94.88

5.  Atlanta CV 93.83

6. Kidsgrove Scouts  91.90

7. Fusion Core 89.75

8. White Sabers  88.33

9. Sunrisers 85.38

10. Hurricanes 83.80

Stay tuned for updates and details ton the Cadets2 2016 season on their website and on the corps' official Facebook and Twitter pages.

To make a donation to support the future of Cadets2, please visit this page to become a member of the Cadets2 Booster Club.

For more information on how to become a member of Cadets2 in 2016, you can visit

Thank you to Kevin Gamin from Drum Corps Planet for the DCA World Championship photo of Cadets2.


C2 Weekend Recap: Reading, Pa.


Cadets2 concluded the 2015 Drum Corps Associates regular season with a sparkling run of their The Red Square production on Saturday at the Big Sounds in Motion competition hosted by the Reading Buccaneers at Exeter High School outside of Reading, Pa.

Performing just a few minutes form their practice site at Daniel Boone HS in Birdsboro, Pa. the corps rehearsed Friday night and all-day Staurday before the performance Saturday evening before a sell-out crowd. The corps completes the weekend with another rehearsal day on Sunday, before a short break and the Championship weekend beginning Thursday.

At Big Sounds in Motion, the Visual caption continues to be the strongest for the corps as they placed in first in both Visual and second in Colorguard. The corps finished in second in all other captions for the event. The scores for the competition were as follows:

1. Buccaneers 94.20

2. Cades2 92.85

3. Fusion Core 89.90

4. White Sabers  88.60

5. Carolina Gold 83.85

6. Bushwackers  80.65

Cadets2 are in the thick of the competition heading into the DCA World Championships to be held in Rochester, N.Y. next weekend; ranking closely with the Reading Buccaneers, Hawthorne Caballeros an Minnesota Brass  for the top spot.

Stay tuned for updates and details throughout Championship week here at the Cadets2 website page and on the corps' official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page

Thank you to Chris Maher for the photo of Cadets2.

Friends of C2 (A Note from Dir. Hopkins)

In case you do not follow along, in the world of Drum Corps Associates, Youth Education in the Arts presents an ensemble each year called Cadets2.

They look like The Cadets, they march like The Cadets, their teachers are many times Cadets, and they even sound like The Cadets. The mission is the same; the values are the same. They stand at attention during retreat, and they walk in twos to warm-up.

They are Cadets!

Of course, there are some differences. They do not go on tour, rather they are a weekend-only corps. The membership is a bit younger. They do not have the same level of support as The Cadets, nor do they spend as much money or require ALL of the resources of The Cadets National Touring Ensemble.

This weekend at the DCA Championships, this four-year-old drum corps placed second, defeating corps that have been successful in the DCA arena for many, many years.

Here are the DCA Finals results from Rochester, N.Y.:

1. Buccaneers - 97.58
2. Cadets2 - 96.33
3. Minnesota Brass - 95.40
4. Caballeros - 94.88
5. Atlanta CV - 93.83
6. Kidsgrove Scouts - 91.90
7. Fusion Core - 89.75
8. White Sabers - 88.33
9. Sunrisers - 85.38
10. Hurricanes - 83.80

Cadets2 started in 2012. After an excellent first two seasons, the corps faltered a bit in 2014, and we decided that if YEA! was going to dedicate the time and financial resources to the corps, we needed to see once and for all if this all-age drum corps idea was something we could make happen.

So, I personally became the director, I brought in people with experience to assist , we recruited like wild people during the off-season, we invested financially to make sure they had all that they needed, and, well, we did all we could to ensure that C2 had the best of all opportunities.

And the corps was filled with 128 members, they worked hard, they ate well, they traveled well, and you can see from the scores that they performed well.

In fact, I was there over many of the weekends including these last four, and this version of the Cadets was simply magnificent. We were a success.

So What's Next for Cadets2?

What Cadets2 does not have is a financial base. Few people go to shows, so we do not sell a ton of T-shirts. As a young corps, we do not have a donor base, and, well YEA! invests between $70,000 and $100,000 a year to keep the ensemble going.

Considering how we do all this, this is not a terrible number:

  • Our facility bill is $70,000 for high-school rentals
  • Our bus bills are $40,000
  • We spend a good deal to keep the members and staff well-fed

We do not charge the members a high fee to participate, although we do ask more of them than most DCA corps. But unlike other corps, we offer housing, transportation and food.

We take care of our Cadets2 members just as if they were The Cadets! And they are!

So, we are launching a campaign. The Friends of Cadets2 begins now.

Our goal is to get 200 donors and raise $25,000 in September, as we work to launch a true fan club!

I have to say, I admire the Reading Buccaneers and their crazy fans at the Championships. We can do that; ! am sure we can do that.

So, please click here to take a look at the donor form. If you have purchased tickets to see The Cadets, or you are an alumnus or a fan, can you consider a gift to C2?

One crazy expense we have as a part of this effort is the need to purchase 150 hotel rooms for the members in Rochester during DCA Championship Weekend.

Eventually, we would like ALL of those rooms to go to fans, but for now, the corps stayed in the hotel, and the cost was $14,280. OUCH!

So why not give $100 or $250 to this new venture? Cadets2 matters to these kids, and somehow, we need to make sense of what we are doing here. Perhaps C2 is not totally self-supporting, but with your help, I think we can get much much closer.

Take a look at what the kids and their parents think:

"Hi Mr. Hopkins. My daughter, Adrianna Cunning just finished her first season of drum corps with Cadets2. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for young musicians. From the high level of instruction to the professionalism of the corps, Cadets2 is truly a first-class organization. It stand out against the other groups. I'm thrilled that my daughter was a part of it this year! Thanks again for all that you do. " - Abigail Cunning

"C2 has been THE best experience of my life! I've never had so much fun with so many like-minded people, pushed myself so hard, and have never dared to believe that I could achieve my dreams. I learned how to work so hard, and now know that I can do anything I truly want to do if I give it my all and strive to be the best I can be. Excellence is the new standard, and I will forever know that I have a brotherhood of friends that I marched with who share the same ideals." 2015 Cadets2 Member

"I plan on auditioning for the Cadets next year, and I can say thanks C2, for giving me an experience that has changed my life and that has given me the desire to be great no matter what I'm doing, and that has given me the work ethic and means to be successful! For I now know that no matter what I do, I WILL be successful because I'm going to put in 100%, and I know now that there truly is joy with hard work!" - Robert Browne, 2015 Cadets2 Tuba Section Leader

As you can see, this organization, just like The Cadets, makes a profound impact on young lives each season.

Please join us in this great endeavor at one of the following levels of giving:

$1,000 - Director Level
$500 - Caption Supervisor Level
$250 - Instructor Level
$100 - Drum Major Level 
$50 - Section Leader Level
$25 - Member Level

Thank you so much for your support of The Cadets Ensembles in 2015. I hope you will join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and assist great young people in their journey to become magnificent human beings.


George Hopkins
Director, The Cadets and Cadets2

C2 World Championship Recap: Prelims



Cadets2 took the DCA World Championships by storm during the preliminary competition resulting in their highest score and placement ever in the corps' three years of existence scoring 95.78 and achieving a second place finish on Saturday heading into the World Championship Finals on Sunday in Rochester, N.Y.

The corps has been on a several day odyssey beginning on Thursday evening when the corps moved into Daniel Boone HS for Cadets history night with Cadets Hall of Fame Member and resident corps historian Rich "Scotty" McGarry. The corps awoke n Friday for a full day of rehearsals before a uniformed "Thank You" performance for the Bidrsboro, PA and Daniel Boone HS community for their support this summer. The corps boarded buses late Friday evening for the six-hour trip to Rochester.

Corps Director George Hopkins said, "We got in a little late on our travel from PA, so we gave the corps another hour of rest before starting our Prelims Day. We were very proud of the kids and are awaiting an excellent conclusion to the season."

The results for the DCA World Championship Prelims were as follows:

1. Buccaneers 97.23

2. Cadets2 95.78

3. Caballeros 95.20

4. Minnesota Brass 94.98

5. Kidsgrove Scouts 92.35

6. Atlanta CV 91.80

7. Fusion Core 90.70

8. White Sabers  88.83

9. Sunrisers 86.35

10. Hurricanes 83.58

11. Carolina Gold 82.95

12. Bushwackers  82.30

13. Skyliners 79.18

Stay tuned for updates and details throughout Championship weekend here at the Cadets2 website page and on the corps' official Facebook and Twitter page.

For more information on how to become a member of Cadets2 in 2016, please visit

Thank you to Chris Maher for the photo of Cadets2.


C2 Weekend Recap: Clifton

C2 Clifton082215.jpg

Cadets2 returned to Clifton Stadium for the second time in a month and marched off with a third place finish at the Bushwackers' hosted Drum Corps Associates event on Saturday evening.

Capping a showdown of the top East coast DCA corps just two weeks before the World Championships in Rochester, Cadets2 capped off a day of rehearsals in New Jersey with their performance in Clifton. The corps finished in third in all captions, with the exception of a second place ranking in Visual.

Here are the results from the August 22 competition in Clifton, NJ

1. Buccaneers 91.70
2. Caballeros 91.05
3. CadetsĀ² 88.90
4. Fusion Core 86.75
5. White Sabers 86.40
6. Sunrisers 81.95
7. Hurricanes 79.85
8. Bushwackers 79.25
9. Skyliners 75.50
The corps will be spending Sunday in Clifton Stadium rehearsing for their appearance next Saturday, August 29 at the Big Sounds in Motion competition hosted by the Reading Buccaneers. Cadets2 complete their season Labor Day Weekend in Rochester, NY at the DCA World Championships.
Thank you to Charity Helms for the Clifton, NJ photograph.

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