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C2 Road To DCA Championships!

Cadets2 ArticleBy: Matthew Harron

Following a game-changing weekend, Cadets2 returned to Clifton, New Jersey as they continued to improve their field show, The Red Square.

Arriving early Saturday morning the corps picked-up right were they left off last weekend. With the newest addition to the end of their show; ultimately adding to the overall Req Square theme, each section focused on the final movement, Russian Sailors Dance

After an energetic full ensemble, the corps gathered around director, George Hopkins, emphasizing what is needed for the remainder of the season. “The show will only improve if each member steps up their individual performance quality and responsibility”. Hopkins now leaving it up to each cadet to step up their game with only two weekends left. 

While the sun set and the stadium seats filled, the corps moved to the gate; preparing to do what they do best. 

Following what was said to be a very safe performance, Cadets2 finished 3rd overall, while receiving first place in execution in overall percussion. Percussion caption head, Dave Dumont, expressed to the percussion section what the next few weekends will behold. “Each weekend will become harder, I’m here to push you to your limit, and you will discover something about yourself”.

With only two weekends left in the season, Cadets2 are ready for the final push and whatever it takes to be the best they can become. 

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C2 Banquet 2015


After an excellent exhibition performance at the 2015 DCI Eastern Classic on Friday, July 31 and a day off on August 1, Cadets2 held its annual Awards Banquet on Sunday, August 2 at the Iron Lakes Country Club in Allentown, Pa.

Cadets2Banquet2015 GeorgeHopkinsCongratulations to the members and staff of Cadets2 on a great fourth season so far, and especially to the award recipients for the 2015 season:

Cadet2 of the Year: Rebecca Ploener
Rookie of the Year: Bryce Sholtes
Distinguished Service: AJ Knotts, Kevin Sonpar and Alana Staffin

Cadetof the Year: Holly Crosslin
Rookie of the Year: Sean McWilliams
Distinguished Service: Ricky Chery, Jr., Chris Garbacik and Coulton Goldade

Color Guard
Cadetof the Year: Mary Meyer
Rookie of the Year: Isha Bah
Unsung Hero: Taylor Aves

Cadets2Banquet2015 Emily Rebecca ReaganVisual
Cadet of the Year: Adam Soldo
Rookie of the Year: Victoria Denizen
Unsung Hero: Justin Cloeren, Reagan Miller and Megan Reilly

Cathy Hallam Memorial Volunteer of the Year: Erika Karu

Staff Member of the Year: Andrew German

Rookie Staff Member of the Year: Kristy Templin

Distinguished Service: John Molloy

Special thanks to Erika Karu and Fran and John Panza for their efforts in organizing the event!


C2 Weekend Recap: July 24-26

Cadets2 were back on the road as they headed to Downingtown Area High School July 26 to preform their field show, The Red Square. Following a weekend which defined hard-work, the corps was ambitious to leave everything on the field Saturday night.

As always, Cadets2 arrived early on Friday, June 25 to Daniel Boone Area High School as they continued cleaning and improving their field show. Similar to the previous weekend, the corps split into sub-sectionals; reviewing and cleaning which lead to a visual run-through to complete the night.

Night turned to day and the corps gathered around recruiter, John Molloy, reviewing the day followed by some wise words. “It’s time to start believing and trusting in one another, we have to." Responding with a positive motive from the first block to the last is what set the corps up for success for the remainder of the day.

As the corps traced the outline of the radiating stadium it was their time to make a new impression of what the rest of the season would behold.

Closing out a successful night Cadets2 finished with a score of 84.05 in 2nd place while also receiving the high guard caption. Cadets2 are eager to get back on the road next weekend as they preform a home show in familiar J. Burney Crum Stadium at the DCI Eastern Classic on Friday, July 31.

Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Drummer


July 25 - Downingtown, PA

Open Class Results:

1. Buccaneers 86.45
2. Cadets2 – 84.05
3. White Sabers 79.70
4. Hurricanes 75.90
5. Bushwackers 75.55
6. Skyliners 71.50

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Cadets2 Return to Field in Scranton

Cadets2 July 31 2015 Allentown 266 LowRes

After a two-week, mid-season break, Cadets2 had no trouble jumping right back into the swing of things with rehearsal at Daniel Boone High School in Birdsboro, Pa. on Friday night, August 14.

Saturday morning came early, with wake-up at 6:45 and a full day of rehearsal before the drive to the show in Scranton. But the members and staff wasted no time as they prepared for their first regional performance later that evening. With only four weekends left in the season, C2 is focusing on simulating every rehearsal run into what an actual show would be like. Following their final ensemble run-through, they loaded and hit the road.

Cadets2 2015 trumpet scranton

Despite a brief thundershower which delayed the start of the event, the corps was the second corps to perform.

As it becomes later in the season, The Red Square is beginning to develop into what the design and visual staff have been waiting for. C2 had a great performance Saturday night at the annual Parade of Champions competition in Scranton, Pa., taking third place with a score of 87.60.

"That was fun! C2 did a great job tonight," said Director George Hopkins. "Very excited and proud of the corps and staff. It is going to be a fun few weeks leading up to Labor Day."

The final results of the Parade of Champions are as follows.

1. Buccaneers 89.20
2. Caballeros 89.15
3. Cadets2 87.60
4. Fusion Core 85.25
5. White Sabres 84.10
6. Bushwackers 77.75
7. Skyliners 74.65

Cadets2 2015 guard Scranton

Sunday was another full day of rehearsal, as the corps prepared for a mjor competition next Saturday, August 22 in Clifton, N.J. and continues the four-week run to the 2015 DCA World Championships over the Labor Day weekend in Rochester, N.Y. 


Cadets2 was also featured in an article by the Scranton Times-Tribune. Click here to read it.

Cadets2 trumpet scranton 2015

C2 Weekend Recap: DCI East & Banquet

Cadets2 drumline Allentown 7.31.15

Cadets2 got an early jump on their weekend as they returned to Phillipsburg Area High School, preparing for their first exhibition performance at the DCI Eastern Classic in the corps' hometown of Allentown, Pa. later that night.

As the equipment trucks rolled in Friday afternoon, the corps followed. Jumping right back into the swing of things, they focused on having the best run they could that night.

Following a short rehearsal block, Cadets2 packed, loaded and headed to familiar J. Birney Crum Stadium.

As the corps gathered around jam-packed stadium, some realized this would be the largest crowd they would perform in front of this year. While the ecstatic audience died down, each member grabbed hands as they began the corps song. Then, as ready as they could be, they headed in to show the hometown crowd what they had.

Cadets2 DCIEast JBirney 7.31.15

Cadets2 timpanist, Sean McWilliams, was grateful for such an opportunity. “Just performed for 4,000 people at the first round of DCI East. The feeling I have right now is incomparable," he said.

For the rest of the weekend, C2 enjoyed the remainder of DCI East Saturday evening, supporting their friends in other drum corps. Then, the corps held its annual Awards Banquet on Sunday.

After their first weekend off, Cadets2 will be back at it on August 14 as they prepare for their show in Scranton, Pa.!

Cadets2 mellophone DCIEast2015

Cadets2 to Explore New Image in 2016

Cadets2 was created in 2011, as it was decided the Cadets’ experience could be expanded to more young people, this time at a local level.

Coming off the “Angels and Demons” season, the Cadets had Maroon and Cream Uniforms. C2 used the cream uniforms with a few additions.

In 2012, the Cadets went Christmas...

And Cadets2 Looked a great deal like the Cadets of many years...

This exchange has allowed us to control expenses. The problem is, we have not purchased a great deal recently, and the overall quality of what we have.

For 2016, Cadets2, will have their own look … yes, like the Cadets, but the colors, and perhaps some of the detailing will be changed a bit as C2 creates their own image, their own ensemble, and their own legacy.

These alterations and additions are able to occur due to partnerships with DeMoulin Uniforms, Dance Sophisticates, Up Front Footwear, and Field and Floor FX More information to come … but for now, this is just a bit more information as C2 prepares for a big show in Downingtown, PA this weekend.

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