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C2 Weekend Recap: July 17-19

Following Cadets2 competitive weekend from July 10 - July 12, the corps returned to Daniel Boone Area High School Friday, July 17-19. As this being their last full rehearsal weekend of the season, the corps focused on bringing their field show to the next level.

Arriving Friday evening, the corps broke into sub sectionals; as the battery got right into the show under the stadium lights, while brass and guard reviewed hot spots throughout the show. To close out the first night of rehearsal, the corps met in the stadium to perform a visual run-through of their field show, Red Square.

As the corps rose early Saturday, July 18, so did the heat index for the remainder of the day. The goal for the day was to review, clean, and add to the overall show. While battery took time to review particular sections of the show, the brass added some finesse and body to the closer. Meanwhile, the guard enhanced the overall program; adding more of a visual representation to the Red Square theme.

Following a successful full ensemble Saturday night, the corps was already showing tremendous progress.

Sunday was the true test for the overall corps. As the temperature rose to nearly 100°, members pushed themselves to new limits. However, the heat didn’t stop the corps. Days like Sunday may be challenging, but it is days like this that make Cadets, Cadets. Come full ensemble Sunday evening, Cadets2 were prepared to beat the heat, while also proving to themselves how much they improved over the weekend.

As the corps gathered around director, Rich Templin, he gave his closing remarks for the weekend. “I hope you all see how much we have improved this weekend, we are ready for this weekend at Downingtown."

Not only is the corps ready for their show in Downingtown, they are ready to turn some heads.

Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Drummer

C2 Weekend Recap: July 2-5

Cadets2 gathered Thursday night in Allentown, Pennsylvania to travel to Massachusetts for a series of 4th of July parades, followed by their first competitive performance of the 2015 season.

Arriving at their first stop in Randolph, MA, the corps met on the 50 for the day meeting. As this being their only day of rehearsal the corps worked vigorously to prepare for Saturday's performance.

Following EPL (eat, pack and load) the busses were rolling again as they headed off to their first of four parades for the weekend!

As the first parade came to a close, so did the corps day. They were back at it bright and early as they headed to Bristol, Rhode Islands for the annual Fourth of July parade. Not only welcomed from a humble crowd, C2 was honored to perform in the oldest 4th of July parade in the nation.

Although the corps day was filled with events, they were back in their natural habitat come show time.

"After all the curve balls we've been thrown this weekend, it's time to take a deep breath and show everyone what we've been working on" said section leader, Brandon Eckert.

After a what may have been Cadets2 most successful first competitive performance, they received 2nd place with an overall score of 78.200.

Currently ranked 3rd overall in the DCA circuit, the corps only has room to grow.

Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Line

C2 Friends & Family Day

Cadets2 were welcomed to beautiful Daniel Boone Area High School located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania for their annual Friends & Family Day on Sunday, June 21. The full corps got an early jump to their weekend as everyone arrived on Friday night to continue learning their field show, The Red Square.


As this being C2’s first performance weekend of the year, the corps was eager to pick up right where they left off. Aside from starting the cleaning process for their first three movements, the first task on the corps agenda was learning their closer, Russian Sailors Dance. This movement, in particular, is quite challenging as it includes nine different tempo changes; meaning communication between the each section and drum major is imperative.


The battery section backtracked as they started reviewing their featured piece, Dance of The Tumblers. Battery Coordinator, Andrew Rubano, led the percussion through the newest body they would add to their feature. After trials and tribulations, the battery presented a rough draft of what is to be their featured moment.


With showers in the forecast for Saturday evening, the corps moved efficiently through full ensemble as they prepared for Sunday's preview show. Following the overnight summer showers, the corps rose bright and early Sunday morning with clear skies and a beautiful forecast for the remainder of the day.


Sooner than later; friends and family gathered to preview what Cadets2 have been working on diligently since November. Following their first public appearance, the corps received a positive crowd response! With only room to improve, Cadets2 will continue to commit to the learning process, as their show will only continue to expand.


Tune in next weekend for a review of the corps unveiling weekend as they travel to Allentown for an extended weekend!

Article by Matt Harron - Cadets2 Bass Line 

C2 Weekend Recap: July 10-12

Following Cadets2 succesfull first show weekend, they were back at it; returning to Phillipsburg High School Friday night, July 10 as they prepared for their second show of the season in Clifton, New Jersey.

On Friday, the percussion and brass review their closer, Russian Sailors Dance. While solidifying hot spots throughout, the color guard was given the opportunity to get a feel for their new uniforms.

With a beautiful forecast for the remainder of the weekend, the corps rose early at 6:00 A.M. to get a head start on their day. Energy was radiating on the field come full ensemble and the corps was eager to premiere their field show later that night.

The clean cut Cadets2 arrived to what would be their biggest show yet at 5:00 P.M. As they corps gathered for one last time before the gate, Corps Director, Rich Templin provided wise words “Mistakes will happen; we all know that. But it’s not about the score; it’s about being better then yourself last week”.

Following an energetic field show, the corps circled around Brass Caption Head, Andrew German, as he provided his familiar words. “After tonight, the show can only get better. Each performance has to be better than the last”.

After earning a fourth place finish with a score of 78.45, Cadets2 are eager for what next weekend holds. With a full weekend just for rehearsal, the corps plans to bring their show to the next level.

 The results from Clifton, NJ on Saturday, July 11 were as follows:

1. Buccaneers 82.60
2. Caballeros 82.10
3. Fusion Core 78.65
4. Cadets2 78.45
5. Hurricanes 69.75
6. Sunrisers 68.55
7. Bushwackers 68.20

Visit here for the FULL Recap.

Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Drummer

Cadets2 at J. Birney Crum Stadium - June 29


Following a successful weekend rehearsal, Cadets2 marked their first show in the books as they performed in familiar J. Birney Crum Stadium.


While the weather was not on the corps side Saturday, they pushed through the morning block as they finalized the end of the show with, Russian Sailors Dance. As showers continued throughout Saturday evening, the corps broke in sub-sectionals, reviewing what Monday would behold.


Sunday was a new day as the corps loaded the busses and headed to J. Birney Crum Stadium as they were fortunate enough to rehearse in such a well-designed facility. First on the list was a day meeting followed by stretch and run. The goal for the day was to be comfortable with each movement; ensuring that Monday’s performance would be seamless.


As the sunset and the towering stadium lights radiated below, it was time for full ensemble in uniform. After chunking through each section, the corps was prepared for what tomorrow held. Not only were they prepared; but an encouraging talk with recruiter, John Molloy, hyped the corps even more.


Continuing The Cadets tradition of always looking good, the corps walked in two’s as they prepared for their first public appearance. Once arriving, each section headed to the lot as they made their way through their warm-up sequences.



Not only did the corps receive a genuine crowd response, brass caption head, Andrew German, was pleased with the progress made from the corps inception.

“I’ve been here from the beginning and this was hands down the best first show we’ve had."



Cadets2 are back at it as they meet Thursday night to travel to Massachusetts for a series of parades and another show in Lynn, MA. Stay tuned for the Cadets2 weekend recap!



Recap by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass  
Photos by Brittany Victoria

C2 Weekend Recap: June 12-14

C2June14Article by Matt Harron, Cadet2 Bass Line

Cadets2 percussion and color guard sections arrived early Friday night at South Mountain Middle School in Allentown PA, Friday June 12-14.

Beign that this was the first Friday night rehearsal for the guard, they were eager to pick up right were they left off last Sunday, June 7.

Four-year vet, Emily Karu, is no stranger to the weekend routine. "Friday night we learned the opening dance feature. On Saturday, we spent time finishing the ballad while also learning guard work for the Tumblers dance. We got quite a lot accomplished this weekend and the show is truly starting to fall into place"!

Through the night, summer rain showers passed over Allentown. Saturday morning arrived with a clear forecast for the remainder of the weekend. Following the day meeting, the corps broke into sectionals to learn the rest of their third movement, Dance of The Tumblers.

The percussion section was ready to crank through the last pages of drill as this being their feature for the season. Like always, they followed the familiar learning process that Battery Coordinator, Andrew Rubano took them through. Getting plenty of reps on each chunk; the battery could successfully move and play all three movements by the end of Saturday night.

While the humidity and temperature rose Sunday morning, the corps followed as they were back at it, revising yesterday's work. The corps met for full ensemble as they moved and played all three movements. After a very productive weekend, the corps only has the closer left to learn.

Come out this Sunday, June 21 to Daniel Boone High School for The Cadets2 annual Friends & Family Day to preview their field show, The Red Square.


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