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C2 Weekend Recap: June 5-8


Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Drummer

Cadets2 returned to South Mountain Middle School in Allentown PA for this past weekend's rehearsal.

The percussion section got an early start to their weekend as they commenced their annual Friday night rehearsals. As they broke into sub-sectionals, they focused on solidifying their warm-up sequence for the 2015 season.

Before the full corps arrived on Saturday morning, the battery and front ensemble rose with the sun to review music and drill for the third movement, Dance of The Tumblers.

When the full corps rehearsal began, the brass section wasted no time and immediately commenced the staging process for the ballad, Scheherazade.

Followed by a successful day of learning new material, the corps gathered in the gymnasium for some much-needed rest. As 6:30 a.m. arrived, the battery was up bright and early, traveling to the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Stadium, Coca-Cola Park to perform in a 5k event.

After playing some grooves and show chunks, the battery loaded the buses to head back for a full day of rehearsal.

When the corps gathered for full ensemble, we successfully made our way through all the material that we have learned, moving and playing!

The goal for next weekend is to finish the third movement, Dance of The Tumblers.

The corps is eager to get back to the learning process next weekend, stay tuned for next week’s update!


Cadets2 Rehearsal Recap - May 9-10

Article by Matthew Harron, Cadets2 Bass Line


Second Full Cadets2 Rehearsal Weekend, May 9-10 a success!

This past weekend the corps started right where they left off from last rehearsal, learning new drill for the opener, Russian Christmas Music.

“Our goal for this weekend is to learn up to letter J in Russian Christmas Music, moving and playing,” said Battery Coordinator, Andrew Rubano. Not only did the battery rise to the challenge, members pushed the staff to learn more.

For the first time, the color guard joined the corps for the 2015 season. Returning member, Miranda Moyer, was ecstatic with the audition process and what was accomplished. “This season overall had the best turn out. Not only was the color guard officially set, we learned about 45 pages of drill!”

As the sun rose and the birds chirped Sunday morning, the corps was eager to continue to learn more of the 2015 program. By the end of ensemble, the corps was moving and playing what they had learned over the weekend.

The Cadets2 are looking forward to the next rehearsal to continuing to raise the bar and set the standard for the competitive season.

Stay tuned for the next Cadets2 update!

Off to the Races - May 3-4 Rehearsal Weekend Recap


Article by: Matt Harron, Cadets2 Bass #1

Cadets2 had their first full outdoor rehearsal this past weekend, May 2-3 at Salisbury High School in Allentown, PA.

From the moment the corps arrived Saturday morning, the level of intensity and focus was set on what needed to be accomplished, the drill for the corps opener, Russian Christmas Music.

“The corps learned 21 pages of drill, plus we are close to having a full horn line. It’s quite exciting,” said Rebecca Karu, Cadets2 Drum Major.

After a fantastic lunch provided by the dedicated Cadets2 volunteers, rehearsal continued with focus on the second piece, Dance of The Tumblers.

Although the previous rehearsal weekend was two weeks ago, each section stepped up their game and made tremendous progress.

Following the final rehearsal block, the members reconvened in the gym for an “ice-breaking” event. Each section was paired with members from additional sections to share what they want to accomplish and the experience they hope to gain from the season.

Sunday morning the corps awoke bright and early and back at it, eager to learn more!

“The members pushed themselves through the weekend and seeing them enjoying working together is a great feeling,” added Karu.

As always, each member will continue to strive for excellent throughout the week until the next rehearsal weekend, May 9-10.

Stay tuned for the next Cadets2 update.


(Cadets2 Photos/Brittany Loftus) 

C2 Weekend Recap: May 30

Cadets2May30.jpgCadets2 ventured to beautiful Phillipsburg High School in New Jersey on Saturday, May 30 to continue learning the 2015 program, The Red Square
The corps gathered around the Cadets2 equipment truck as corps recruiter, John Molloy, presented the goals for the short rehearsal weekend.
“As this being a single day rehearsal, treat tonight's ensemble as a performance.”
Followed by the corps stretch and run, each section took their rehearsal fields to review Scheherazade, the corps ballad, while also learning 10 new pages of drill for their third piece, Dance of The Tumblers.
Drum major Armon Raygani, took the podium, leading the brass section through the morning & evening rehearsal blocks.
“This weekend the brass reinforced its drill for the ballad and we started making our way through the drum break, learning 10 sets in just about and hour and a half," said Raygani. 
As the sun began to set and the stadium lights filled the darkness, the corps joined together for full ensemble. During ensemble, the corps pieced together each section of the ballad while putting it on the move for the first time! Excelling through the ballad, the corps wasted no time as they also put the first 10 pages of Dance of The Tumblers on the move. 
After a successful rehearsal, corps admin Steve Shuey, had a few words before he heads back to Ohio to work with The Cadets.
“You guys sound great, this is a new level for Cadets2," said Shuey.
We are all looking forward to getting back to rehearsal to continue to build for what is shaping up to be the best summer yet. Stay tuned for next weeks cadets2 update! 

Introducing Amanda Zeh, C2 Cymbal Tech

CymbalTech.jpgPerformers come to The Cadets' ensembles to experience a positive atmosphere, make life-long friends and learn from some of the top instructors in the marching arts. From the program designers to the caption supervisors, to the field techs, the Cadets2 Staff is made up of friendly faces, talented performers, and gifted teachers. And as C2 continues to establish itself as a top contender in the DCA world, we are proud to introduce you to a member of our Percussion Staff for the 2015 season.

Amanda Zeh (right) will once again lead the marching cymbal line as their tech.

Amanda has been a member of the Cadets2 family as a staff member since the inaugural year of 2012. While she was the cymbal tech in 2012, Amanda graciously stepped in to march with the corps for the last few weeks of the season.

Before she began teaching at Cadets2, Amanda marched 4 years at Jersey Surf Drum & Bugle Corps, as both a mellophone player and cymbal player.

Currently, while not teaching percussion, Amanda is employed with at Gallant Entertainment, Inc. A company that provides various drum ensembles for sports teams such as the Giants, Jets, Knicks etc. as well as private and corporate events.

Audition Notice

We are currently holding auditions for Cadets2 Marching Cymbal Players. The Cadets have a long-standing tradition of having the most innovative marching cymbal lines in the history of the activity. We're all excited that they are back on the field at Cadets2.

We're continuing to celebrate the month of May with a $60 audition special this weekend, May 9-10 at Conestoga Middle School, 500 Mount Sidney Road, Lancaster, PA. If you are a marching cymbal player, we want you!

Interested applicants, please contact John Molloy at or 610-821-0668 for more information.

Cadets2 Celebrate Volunteers in Action


Continuing to Celebrate Volunteers in Action during #NVW2015, we take this opportunity thank the volunteers who assist with Cadets2. Like so many of our volunteers, they are a welcome breeze amidst the logistics of managing a touring drum corps in the blistering heat of summer.

“Without our volunteers, we could not do what we do!" said Lainey Braatz, YEA!'s Administrator and Assistant Manager of Performing Ensembles. "Words cannot express how much everyone involved with this organization appreciates the kindness, dedication and generosity of every volunteer,” she said.

At YEA!, we know that many factors contribute to the success of Cadets2. Here are some amazing volunteers who aid us in achieving that success. From all of us, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!

Erica Karu, Dave Karu, David Marden, Jim Brent, John Johannes, Terri Johannes, John Wassel, Deb Warntz, Lori Stanziale, Roxanne DeRaymond, Wally Thayer, Maryann Uhlman, Susan Dombrowski, Amanda Torres, Diane Cloeren.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Cadets2, we are looking for individuals to help out every weekend beginning May 2throug Labor Day.

To learn more about volunteering, select a program below:

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Learn More about Additional Volunteer Opportunities

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